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Xiaomi has set its sights on a global launch for the highly anticipated Smart Band 8, according to a fresh report. However, it seems that eager fitness enthusiasts around the world will have to exercise some patience, as shipments are not expected to commence until October. This marks a six month wait since the device’s initial debut in Xiaomi’s domestic market.
Back in April, Xiaomi unveiled the Smart Band 8, an impressive addition to its fitness tracker lineup. This launch was followed by the introduction of the Smart Band 8 Pro. Yet, Xiaomi has chosen to keep both these devices exclusive to its Chinese audience for the time being. It’s worth noting that this strategy mirrors the company’s past approach with previous Mi Band and Smart Band generations, extending all the way to last year’s Smart Band 7 and Smart Band 7 Pro.

A recent report from Gadgets & Wearables suggests that a “major Polish distributor” has spilled the beans on the commencement of Smart Band 8 deliveries. However, the article lacks a credible source and doesn’t disclose the distributor’s identity. As such, it’s prudent to treat this information as a mere rumor until more solid evidence surfaces.
Reportedly, the Smart Band 8 is slated to start its global journey on October 4, a date that conveniently aligns with the arrival of Xiaomi’s 13T series. Interestingly, full specifications for the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro have already made their way online, and we’ve covered those separately. While the October 4 shipment date may initially pertain to Poland, it’s unlikely that Xiaomi would limit a Eurozone release to just one member. Historically, Xiaomi tends to unveil its global releases a few weeks before units hit the hands of consumers. Notably, this release appears to focus solely on the Smart Band 8, with no mention of the Smart Band 8 Pro.
In a recent development, Kacper Skrzypek has shared information about the Polish distributor mentioned in Gadgets & Wearables’ article. X-Kom, as depicted in the accompanying image, plans to kick off Smart Band 8 shipments on October 3. It’s a day earlier than previously reported. Furthermore, X-Kom has set the price for the Smart Band 8 at PLN 199, which equates to approximately €45 or US$49, inclusive of Poland’s 23% VAT. This suggests that the Smart Band 8 could potentially cost less than US$40 for consumers in the United States.
In conclusion, Xiaomi enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the global release of the Smart Band 8. While rumors abound regarding the exact release date, Xiaomi’s track record suggests that we can expect an official announcement in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as Xiaomi prepares to make its latest fitness tracker accessible to a global audience.
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