Wild Mustang Rescued from Swimming Pool | News | 2news.com – KTVN

It happened in south Reno on Monday morning.

A wild mustang was found treading water in the deep end of a near freezing pool Monday morning.
A couple in a rural part of south Reno woke to find the horse in their pool according to a release from the Large Animal Rescue Team.
The horse apparently had walked onto a closed pool cover and then fell into the water, which was around 40 degrees.
It is unknown exactly how long the horse had been in the pool, but responders with the Large Animal Rescue Team worked to save its life by placing a strap behind the horse’s rear and gently guiding it to the shallow end if the pool.
At that point, after gathering it’s strength, the horse was able to exit the pool under its own power.
Responders then moved the horse to a sunny spot and fed it hay while they monitored it for hypothermia and the stress of the incident.
With the approval of the on-scene veterinarian the horse was released back on to the Virgina Range at around 10 a.m.
Currently in Reno
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