Wet Man releases new single ‘Swimming with Sharks’ – Far Out Magazine

Sheffield aggro-pop agitator Jack Clayton has released his first single under the moniker Wet Man, ‘Swimming with Sharks’.
A rough mix between disco, post-punk, pop, and industrial, ‘Swimming with Sharks’ is a staggering blend of spoken word, demonic synths, pummelling drum machines, and dance-floor rhythms. Clayton’s voice bubbles under the track, only coming to the surface for the song’s title phrase.
“Originally, the song was about a gameshow host/comedian in the ’90s who got into hot water over a scandal, and my nan (as well as the nation) absolutely adored this man because he used to make risky remarks about people on ITV,” Clayton explained about the song. “For me, targeting this person surmises attitudes we see amongst politicians and so-called ‘influencers’.”
“And, although the invite to a pool party sounds great, it will probably end in tears (or blood rather),” he adds. “Now that you have pieced together what I’m talking about, the title now becomes hilarious, but also heeds a warning because we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
“During a Wet Man show expect to see a thin, lost, hopeless shadow of a pop singer with nothing left to lose, losing his shit,” Clayton added about his live performances. “This consists of a man dressed in ‘velvet cowboy’ clothes, smashing the mic into his own face, while maintaining perfect sarcastic key and pitch.”
“Soundtracked by some German electronic take on Iggy Pop, thrown in with Ramones, Scott Walker and Grandmaster Flash (with a dab of Italian disco),” Clayton says. “Also, expect audience members to shout ‘Get on with it’ when Wet Man thinks he can pull a comedy routine mid-set for absolutely no reason whatsoever.”
Watch the video for ‘Swimming with Sharks’ below.

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