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The moment was captured on the Californian homeowner's CCTV amid the soaring temperatures in the U.S.
Mario Fermin via ViralHog
Well, that’s one way to cool off!
After making a delivery, an Amazon driver dived fully clothed into a customer’s swimming pool to beat the soaring temperatures.
The driver, who even kept his shoes and cap on, used the customer’s diving board to dive head-first into the pool of the home in Gardena, California.
The moment, which occurred on June 30, was captured on one of the home’s security cameras and has since gone viral.
According to ViralHog, the customer left a note in the delivery instructions that read, "If you want to go for a swim, you are welcome to."
Mario Fermin via ViralHog
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In the video, the driver is seen leaving the customer’s parcel outside a door in the backyard. He then walks over to the diving board and takes a dip.
Parts of the U.S. have been experiencing a heatwave over the last few weeks. According to Reuters, Death Valley, Phoenix and Las Vegas were among some of the hottest places in the U.S. earlier this month.
And Fourth of July was reported to have been the hottest day ever recorded on Earth — and it broke the record set just one day before. 

Mario Fermin via ViralHog
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On that day, the global average temperature hit 62.92 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. It was the hottest day recorded since temperatures began to be documented in 1979 with satellite stock recording — and it’s believed to have been one of the hottest days in at least 125,000 years, according to The Washington Post.
The day before, the global temperature average was 62.62 degrees Fahrenheit, making it until then the hottest day on record. Before that, the last highest recorded temperature average was 62.46 degrees in August 2016, per the Post.
Rising temperatures amid global climate change are "a death sentence for people and ecosystems,” Friederike Otto, a senior lecturer at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, told Bloomberg.
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In a tweet, author and climate scientist Bill McGuire also wrote that the record-breaking July 4 heat was "totally unprecedented and terrifying."
Last week, a 71-year-old man died at a trailhead in Death Valley National Park. Hours before his death, Steve Curry spoke to a reporter about braving the extreme heat.
Curry, who was identified as the victim by the Inyo County Coroner's Office, spoke to The Los Angeles Times hours before collapsing outside the restroom at the Golden Canyon hiking trail, CW affiliate KTLA-TVNBC affiliate KNBC-TV and The Independent reported.
That day, temperatures in the park reached 121 degrees.
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The southernmost continent is not isolated from the extreme weather associated with human-caused climate change, according to a new paper in Frontiers in Environmental Science that tries to make a coherent picture of a place that has been a climate change oddball. Its western end and especially its peninsula have seen dramatic ice sheet melt that threatens massive sea level rises over the next few centuries, while the eastern side has at times gained ice. What follows if the trend continues, a likely result if humans fail to curb emissions, will be a cascade of consequences from disappearing coastlines to increased global warming hastened by dramatic losses of a major source of sunlight-reflecting ice.
This June was the hottest on record but will there be another heatwave?
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Our inability to confidently predict sea level rise between an extremely challenging two metres and a civilisation-ending 10 metres is an exemplar of the problem facing researchers