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The Only Way Is Essex is set to bring drama and confrontations as the latest series of the ITVBe reality show comes as the Essex cast holiday in the Mediterranean
The latest series of The Only Way Is Essex is promising viewers it will be the most dramatic season yet according to the reality star cast.
The new season has yet to air, but some of its current cast have warned fans that they will be "shocked" by the events including fierce confrontations, emotional rollercoasters and some dramatic romances.
The series covers the usual suspects from Essex as they head off to the Mediterranean in search of sunshine and relaxation in Cyprus. Yet the TOWIE cast are anything but relaxed as star Junaid Ahmed promised viewers the series was "back with a bang" and
Speaking to the Daily Star, Junaid Ahmed said: "This series is the most dramatic TOWIE we've ever done. People are going to be so shocked. There's so much much going on this season and friendships are so different, it's literally crazy."
Likening the season to the earlier series of TOWIE, Junaid teased fans as he shared the show is "back with a bang" and he confirmed the cast are "bringing it" for this summer holiday themed season. Junaid also labelled himself "very much single" whilst hitning he's on the lookout for a new beau, but doesn't need or want a relationship with another TOWIE star.
Confirming the series is set to be filled with drama, fellow TOWIE star Roman Hackett added: "This is probably the biggest divide it's been out of all the shows. There's like four different groups."
Previous seasons saw drama between cast members including Junaid and Harry Derbidge who previously dated, and the tensions look set to continue in the new series as a teaser from the first episode shows a stand off between the pair. The clip shows a furious clash over Junaid's fall out with Ella Rae-Wise over his blossoming friendship with the now-suspended Chloe Brockett. In the teaser clip, Harry can be seen telling Junaid: "I think you need to look at the bigger picture. She's been going through a lot so, as a friend, you should've been picking up the phone to her sometimes because then you wouldn't have got to this point."
An unimpressed Junaid snapped back at Harry's advice as he said: "Stop backing her up." "I'm not backing her up," Harry says as Junaid doubles down: "You are." Harry then continues: "I'm giving you the chance to listen to you, I'm giving you a chance but do you know what it is…"
Junaid then interrupts Harry as he says: "Everything I'm saying you're throwing back like, 'What about this, what about this…'" Harry then responds: "But none of this stuff makes sense." His comment appears to anger Junaid who fumes: "Are you f**king deluded."
The sassy question then angers Harry as he says: "No I'm not f**kin g deluded, don't f**king talk to me like s**t I'm giving you the chance!" Junaid then rolls his eyes and says: "You're either f**king stupid or it's not making sense to you," as he picks up his beverage as Harry urges: "I'm giving you the chance to talk. There's no facts of what you're saying." Junaid then rolls his eyes as the clip ends.
TOWIE returns to ITVBe and ITVX on Sunday September 3 at 9pm.
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