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The upcoming lineup of Fitbit devices indicates a clear focus on the development of the Pixel Watch, with advanced health features and sensors. However, this comes at the cost of smartwatch functionality, as features such as Google Assistant, offline music, and third-party apps have been dropped. With the 2022 watch lineup potentially being Fitbit’s last, it is evident that the Pixel Watch is their top priority.
Despite this emphasis on smartwatches, Fitbit trackers such as the Charge 5, Inspire 3, Luxe, and Ace 3 still have a medium-to-long term future. Recent reports suggest the FCC certification of a new tracker, indicating a forthcoming launch in the coming months.
The lack of Wi-Fi and NFC for payments in this new tracker solidify its position as a fitness tracker rather than a smartwatch. The Inspire line was recently updated, making a new model unlikely. This leaves the possibility of a new Ace designed for kids or a second-generation Luxe with improved materials and a bangle-like design.
If Fitbit smartwatches are indeed on the way out, a premium fitness tracker with the form factor of the Charge 5 could bridge the gap between the high-priced Pixel Watch and more affordable models. The form factor of Fitbit trackers is preferredthose who appreciate the narrower size and the ability to track sleep more comfortably.
However, a small display should not sacrifice functionality. Features such as a rich notification experience, music control, voice assistant, smart home controls, weather updates, and a calendar/task experience would enhance the overall user experience.
Regarding the operating system, adapting Wear OS may not be feasible unless other companies, such as Samsung, show interest in the tracker form factor. Alternatively, a more streamlined OS could integrate first-party experiences from Google Assistant, Google Home, and YouTube Music.
Fitbit’s future alongside the Pixel Watch lies in affordable fitness trackers that can still offer ambitious features. While Google has the option to continue with Fitbit trackers, there is potential for more innovation in this category.
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