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The single, the band says is “about positively pushing the boundaries of ordinary life as to motivate yourself to get out of bed, off your phone and into the realness of life. Living everyday for fun, love and physical relationships, instead of being couped up in a room looking at screens for connection.” Where better to experience that human bond than on the D-floor of a sticky old pub soaking in punk tunes?
The lads have been around since 2009, with their versatile punk and hardcore blended sound earning them support slots with Shai Hulud, The Go Set, Mourning Tide, and Toe To Toe, among many others. Talking about their cool new clip and philosophy on music and life, we recruited bassist Benny Whiskey to give us the low-down on how they made the most of ‘Live Everyday.’
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Hysteria: The film clip is pretty straightforward until you see the electricity shoot out your guitars. Gnarly stuff there!
Benny: Well we started writing again for the new stuff anyway, probably last year, maybe early last year. And that one Pauly (bass) just sort of come up with the riffs and just literally started putting it all together. But sometimes songs just fall into place and that one literally did… everything just came together all at once. Sometimes songs you get stuck sometimes, but that one that comes ready with the title, ‘Live Everyday.’ He had most of the lyrics written and just sort of a positive vibe, just pushing it to the max every day and not missing any second to go out there and give something a crack. And yeah, that’s pretty much it for that. And as far as the clip, we actually sort of had another idea to push a bit of surfing. That’ll probably come on the next one. We are just helping out our friends that we know that are sort of training to be pros. So this one we just sort of went back to our teenage years, just went out there and had some fun.
And playing on a skateboard.
Backwards! Backwards on a skateboard! [laughs]. Again, that’s the old school coming out again. That’s the old coffin, which they used to do. I don’t know how dudes do that going down a ramp. But yeah, that was quite fun. We had a couple of mishaps, but nothing major!
Different type of hardcore, different type of punk, but most of the time it’s kind of cool seeing four different punk bands get out there and just rip it up. We could possibly even fit on a metal bill, which we’ve done before too.
[Benny Whiskey]
An old photo of you guys has one of you wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, and I’ve always been taught Pink Floyd is the enemy of punk rockers and hardcore fans. But listening close to your sound I think anything goes – is that accurate?
I’m glad you brought that up because that’s one thing we do as a band and I personally do in my own life, always pushing the boundaries when it comes to music, especially genres. I can’t stand being labelled into just one. And if you listen to our music, it sort of comes out. You’re like, oh, they’re punk. Oh, hang on. No. Oh, hang on. No. So yeah, I’m a huge Floyd fan. I mean, shit, I listen to everything. My passion is a bit of punk and metal and the hardcore. I play a fair bit of blues in me time as well, so it sort of all comes out or comes all together in the band.
I suppose having that flexibility gets you on different bills, too. The Go Set is way different to Shai Hulud, for example.
It’s weird but it’s kind of cool. We can do a full punk, we’ve even done full Oi! punk shows and we still get away with it. Different type of hardcore, different type of punk, but most of the time it’s kind of cool seeing four different punk bands get out there and just rip it up. We could possibly even fit on a metal bill, which we’ve done before too.
You’ve done a few singles and had an EP, but is there any plans for a full-length? Even something physical?
We definitely want to do a full EP at some stage as well, so possibly late next year. And we definitely want to tour again for sure. I mean that was sort of the plan with this one. Yeah, we’re all massive vinyl fans, so to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even put it on a CD. Yeah, I’d rather just have the vinyl, the record. It’s just, there’s something about it. It’s big. And that’s always the artwork that gets you and the sound, obviously, because we’ve never done that as a band either.
With so much music out there on Spotify, do you fear the intent behind the song, which is very positive, will be diluted?
We definitely have a couple of cool things coming. A pretty, another Brisbane show in January. I think that’s a pretty cool support…but I can’t give away details just yet. Next Sunday we have something big, but can’t really say anything about that either. But we definitely want to get back to Sydney and Melbourne and we haven’t been to Adelaide for a very long time, so we want to get there too. There’s also talk of Japan, because all our friends and their bands have gone there and we love snowboarding. We figured if we could try and tee up a little tour and then just go snowboarding for the rest of the time, that would be perfect!
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