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Mix up your routine with yoga strength training, gongs and crystals… or a pack of cards
hether you’ve fallen out of your fitness routine over summer, or you just fancy trying something a bit different, there are plenty of effective exercise classes in the capital.
Early sessions at cult fave Barry’s Bootcamp, a 90s-inspired aerobics class at Frame and a soothing sound bath class at super slick gym Third Space are just some of the new classes on offer at London’s fitness studios this autumn.
With everything from boxing to bootcamps, you’ll find something to get your heart rate pumping.

If you haven’t yet tried the workout loved by celebrities like Harry Styles and Adele – now’s your chance. Blok, known for its stripped-back interiors and excellent programme of classes, is launching reformer pilates classes at its Shoreditch studio from September 11, having recently started offering the classes at its Clapton spot too. Suitable for all abilities, the classes involve using a reformer pilates machine which lets you add resistance. With the help of your instructor, you’ll develop strength and work on your flexibility.
£28 for a one-off class, packages available,

Get ready to channel your inner Jane Fonda at Frame Step Aerobics, which promises a modern take on the 90s classic workout. Frame specialises in making fitness fun and this new class, which is exclusive to its Shoreditch studio, is a perfect example of what it does best. But just because it’s fun, don’t think that means you won’t be getting sweaty – expect a mix of high-intensity, cardio and conditioning, for a full-body workout that’ll leave you buzzing from endorphins.
Frame Step Aerobics launches on September 25th at the Shoreditch location only. Drop in, £16,
If you’re an early bird who prefers to get your workout done first thing, Barry’s Bootcamp Soho has you covered with its new 6am class. Known for its high-intensity classes in its iconic ‘red rooms’ (so-called because of the dim red lighting), a Barry’s Bootcamp class will push you to your limits. The 6am session varies depending on the day, with options ranging from full body to arms and abs. Classes are 60 minutes, so you’ll be done with your workout by 7am – how’s that for being productive?
£9 for your first class, or £26 for drop-in. Memberships and packages are also available,
For when you want to feel calm and relaxed, rather than hot and sweaty, luxe gym Third Space has just started offering Sound Bath classes. Run by an experienced yoga teacher, the classes involve the instructor using gongs, crystal bowls, chimes and percussion instruments to create soothing sounds to encourage relaxation and meditation. After a 60-minute session, you’ll leave feeling incredibly zen.
Classes included with membership at Canary Wharf, Islington, Moorgate and City,
Looking to take your fitness to the next level? Foundry has just launched its new Build and Burn class, which combines high repetitions of upper body movements with intense cardio bursts to help you improve your fitness, get toned and build muscle. Foundry is all about high-energy fitness and building a welcoming community, so if you’ve never been to one of its five studios, you don’t need to worry about being the newbie.
Classes included in membership, first-timers can get a 21 day membership for £150,
Hackney-based studio The Refinery has two new classes on offer – and both will get your blood pumping. First up, there’s HIIT the Deck, a high-intensity interval session with a twist – to keep you on your toes, your next move will be determined by splitting a pack of cards. Mixing things up on the yoga front, The Refinery has also added Zoga Fit Flow to its schedule. A cardio-focused yoga workout, the class includes strength training which will help you work on your poses in your regular yoga practice. Both classes are set to seriously fun playlists, too.
£5 for your first class, or £15 for drop-in, memberships and packages are also available,
You might think that fitness classes are all grunting and panting, rather than being a place for actual conversation, but Gymbox is bucking that trend with its Battle Cancer X Gymbox class. The class will be on the schedule in the run up to London’s Battle Cancer event, but you don’t have to be taking part to go along to a session. The idea is to combine a workout with talking about mental health, to help exercise your mind and your body. After a gentle warmup, you’ll do some specific exercises to prepare for the session, then it’s onto the main workout, which will be a mix of strength and cardio-based moves. To round things off, you’ll spend 15 minutes chatting about that day’s discussion topic, which could include everything from ways to deal with anxiety to how to handle bereavement.
Until October 15. Classes included with membership,
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