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Parents have been urged to avoid buying blue swimming costumes for their children after a safety expert shared an eye-opening demonstration of why it might be a mistake
A swimming instructor has warned parents to never buy blue bathing suits for children after demonstrating just how dangerous it could be.
The water safety advocate, who advises parents to opt for bright colours, dressed her daughter in a blue swimming costume to prove her point, and the terrifying video stunned parents.

In the clip shared to TikTok by @springhill.isr, instructor Nikki showed families how difficult it is to spot a child underwater when they're wearing blue.
"This is not a bathing suit that my daughter wears on a regular basis. I bought it on clearance specifically for this example for parents who wanted to learn," she explained.
In the one-off clip, during which she supervised her child, Nikki demonstrated how much the swimmer blends in with her surroundings.
"Look how difficult it is to see her under the water, and this is in calm water. This not with a whole bunch of other kids splashing around," she said.
The pro added: "Look in the sunlight. Look how difficult it is to see her with that bathing suit on because of our environment. Do not buy a blue bathing suit."
The advice, which came as a surprise to many parents, could save your child's life during an emergency.
"That's crazy I would have never even thought about it," said one commenter. Another wrote: "This is good advice and I'll never forget."
"Not worth the risk," another agreed.
Meanwhile, someone added: "I'm a former lifeguard and this is absolutely right! Any shade of blue is difficult to see, and so is any pastel light colour in general."
The safety advice is also recommended by Swim England, the national governing body for swimming.
As the experts explain, adult supervision is key, but the colour of your child's swimwear could also help to prevent drowning.
Swim England's website advises: "If the worst does happen, being able to quickly find a child in the water could save vital seconds and make the difference between a fatal and non-fatal incident."
Bright neon colours like orange, green, pink and yellow are recommended. Further advice is available on Swim England's Water Safety Hub.
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