Snap Fitness 24/7 closes its doors in Nelson –

A Nelson gym goer has been left devastated by the closure of Snap Fitness 24/7.
“It was like a home away from home,” the man, who Stuff agreed not to name, said.
In a written message, the man said that losing access to the gym where he had “invested so much time and effort” not only meant missing out on training, but also “losing the friendship and the small connections formed with others”.
“It’s a bittersweet loss. It truly is. Feels like I’ve lost a part of myself.”
A notice in the window advised members of the gym’s demise: “We regret to inform you of the closure of the gym, effective immediately”.
“We’ve cherished the time we have spent together, and the fitness journeys we have embarked on … We truly appreciate your understanding during this time. Thank you for being part of our fitness community.”
Members were advised to check their email for information regarding memberships and remaining balances.
In an email message to Stuff, a manager wrote that they were working through a “very unfortunate situation”.
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