Run, don't walk to grab the Garmin Vivoactive 5 for $50 less right now – Android Police

It has a beautiful display and the battery can last for up to 11 days
Garmin’s Vivoactive 5 offers a lot of the same features of its more expensive models, at a fraction of the price. We like it because it’s comfortable, it has a beautiful AMOLED display, and up to 11 days of battery life. It’s a heck of a deal at $250.
If you are in the market for any old wearable, there are hundreds of options, but if you want a device that will accurately track your health and fitness, there's really only one choice: Garmin. Garmin makes some of the best fitness trackers on the market today, and it has become the go-to brand for athletes everywhere. The Vivoactive 5 is an excellent, affordable example of the company's prowess in the space, as it has a beautiful display, tons of health sensors, up to 11 days of battery life, and right now you can pick one up for just $250.
In our review of the Vivoactive 5, we noted that if price is one of the most important factors in your buying decision, the 5 is a fantastic option, and today's $50 discount only increases that sentiment. That's because, at $250, we are getting closer to the Fitbit range, and the range of mainstream Wear OS smartwatches that sort of moonlight as fitness trackers, but don't have anywhere near the features that Garmin offers.
What kind of features? Glad you asked. In addition to the aforementioned AMOLED display and excellent battery life, the Vivoactive 5 monitors your heart rate, your respiration rate, your SpO2 levels, your stress, and your sleep (it even tracks naps). It also has useful features like Body Battery monitoring and Sleep Coach that can analyze all of this health and fitness data, and give you useful feedback to help you determine which days to push it and which days to rest. There are more than 30 built-in indoor and GPS sports tracking apps that cover everything from walking to golf, and there are tons of preloaded workouts for things like yoga, cardio, strength, and Pilates.
Before you click the buy button, there are two things worth noting. The first is that this is a smaller watch, so if you have bigger wrists or are used to bigger watches, the 41mm face is going to feel a bit small. The second is for those that really want the full smartwatch experience—this isn't it. Sure you can download music playlists, you can get some great apps via Garmin Connect, and you can even make wireless payments via Garmin Pay (where supported), but it's just not the same thing as what you get with WearOS. As long as you are okay with these two caveats, we think the Vivoactive 5 is a great fitness tracker at a great price, and you should jump on this deal while you can.

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