P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Graycie Graham, Clarkston Swimming – KLEW

by Gianna Cefalu

CLARKSTON, WA- Swimmer Graycie Graham was named the WIAA athlete of the week following her successful state championship performance.
She describes the emotions she felt after winning both of her metals.
"I feel better. I got first place in my 50 freestyle, and second place in my 50 back."
"I feel happy inside my heart, and I feel excited in my head," Graham said.
Those were the emotions when Graycie Graham stepped onto the podium at state. Her head coach motivates and drives her success.
"I've been swimming with my coach Savannah, she's my head coach. I've been with her for two years, and I swim with her the hardest."
"She means a lot to me, and I feel happy inside and I love her so much."
Her coach isn't the only support system by her side.
"I swim with the other girls, but I'm proud of myself swimming the hardest, and I like to swim."
Her passion for the sport stems from her most beloved stroke.
"My favorite stroke is my freestyle because I like to kick hard as best as I can, to swim better for my coach."