New safety standards for home swimming pools – ACT Government

New reforms make it mandatory for all home swimming pools to meet modern safety standards.
31 August 2023
The ACT Government has introduced new reforms to help to keep people safe around home pools.
The regulatory reforms make it mandatory for all home swimming pools to comply with modern safety standards.
The most common location in the ACT for drowning death and injury for children under the age of five is in home swimming pools.
Pool designs and safety standards have changed, and pools that were installed many years ago may not comply with these important modern standards. Requiring pools and spas to be up to modern safety standards rather than when the pool was constructed will reduce the risk of people drowning or suffering serious injury.
To ease the pressure on property owners to comply with the modern safety standard the reforms are proposed to start from 1 May 2024 with a four-year transition period.
Under the reforms:
The reforms will apply to all home swimming pools and spa pools that can contain water to a depth greater than 300mm.
These reforms bring the ACT in line with other jurisdictions that have already introduced swimming pool barrier reforms in recent years.
For more information on the reforms visit the ACT Government’s Build, Buy, Renovate website:
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