Mum shares video of son & daughter jumping into the pool in neon & blue – and it’s a horrifying warning for… – The Sun

A MUM has issued a stark warning on the dangers different coloured swimsuits can pose.
Jess Carpenter shared a video on Instagram showing her son and daughter jumping into the pool – but there was one major difference she urged parents to be cautious of.
In the clip, the mum filmed her son, who wore neon orange swimming trunks jump into the pool compared to her daughter, who wore a blue swimsuit.
The results were shocking and posed a huge risk of potential drowning.
The young boy's swimming trunks could be seen even when he reached the bottom of the pool, making him much easier to spot in case of an emergency.
But her daughter's blue swimming costume left her camouflaged in the pool posing huge risks.
Jess wrote: "Pool safety starts all the way at what they wear while swimming!
"I filmed this just to show how well they were doing swimming, and it wasn’t until I watched them afterward that I saw the difference.
"With my son, I was filming while sitting in the pool, so the angle was more difficult, and yet he was STILL SO MUCH easier to spot the entire time than my daughter who I filmed from above.
"Oranges and reds are great swimsuit colors for this reason!"
The video posted to her account @jesscarpenterwrites soon went viral with over 216k likes and plenty of parents and lifeguards weighed in on the subject.
One wrote: "Coming from a lifeguard, PLEASE PLEASE do not buy your children blue/black/brown swimsuits. when they wear black they just look like the lines on the bottom of the pool. please please buy very very bright colors!"
Another commented: "As a lifeguard, yes."
"I’m a beige mom, but my kiddos will ALWAYS have neon swimsuits," penned a third.
Meanwhile a fourth said: "Oh my god, I never even thought about this. thank you for sharing!!"
"That is such good advice – thank you,” claimed a fifth.
Someone else added: "Brilliant idea! Thanks."
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