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“It’s like an extension of the body – it makes me feel so empowered”
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A ‘mermaid’ was spotted swimming in Salford Quays over the weekend.
Shocked onlookers saw a glimpse of a mermaid tail in Salford Quays on Saturday (4 November) despite cold waters at a temperature of less than 12 degrees.
Her identity has now been revealed as Patris Angel, a Manchester-based life coach originally from France. Patris swims as her alter-ego Mermaid Starlight Seraika all year round.
She said that she enjoys “mermaiding" to connect with nature and to inspire others – especially children.
Patris told the MEN: “Very often there are kids passing by. There was a little girl there and she was so excited by seeing a mermaid. I didn’t want to get out of the Quays and ruin her dreams by taking my tail off. So I had to pretend that the mermaid was going home and I swam off as far as I could.
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“I later overheard her telling her mum that mermaids exist because she saw one.”
Patris has always been an outdoor swimmer, mainly on the beaches surrounding Venice where she grew up. But since moving to the UK, Patris has gone swimming in Salford Quays.
She said: “Salford Quays is unusual because it is the centre of town. People usually go there for the theatre or for shopping or to have coffee – not to swim.
“It’s not quite like wild swimming in nature but we did have two swans join us last week.”
Patris said she prefers to swims in lakes around Greater Manchester, including Boundary Water Park in Cheshire.
She has trained to withstand cold temperatures with Wim Hof – also known as the Ice Man. Hof, a New York Times best-selling author, teaches people to sit in ice baths using breathing techniques.
Patris said: “The coldest water I have ever swum in was three degrees water in Salford Quays in January 2021.
“When I got out, I thought someone was touching my shoulder. and I looked and it was ice.”
The mermaid tail that Patris wears is made from spandex and she says it is surprisingly light to swim with.
“It’s like an extension of the body. It’s like transforming into something different like a bridge between nature and human beings. It makes me feel so empowered, " she said.
Patris swims in Salford Quays under the supervision of USwim!
CEO David Quartermain set up his specialist open water swimming company in 2008. They support cold water swimmers who aspire to swim the channel, as well as those in tails.
Quatermain said: “Patris is different from our regular swimmers who tend to swim around the course and train to cross the English channel. All of a sudden Patris came and brought a whole new exciting element to our open water swims.”
“We welcome mermaids to the venue, they take up very little space. We can fit lots of mermaids in.”
As well as ‘mermaiding’, Patris practices lightsaber duelling in Stockport.
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