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BRIT holidaymakers heading out to Italy this summer need to be aware of one little-known rule in Italian pools.
While most holidaymakers will think they've packed everything they need, a lesser-known rule at Italian swimming pools could see people banned from entering if they don't have the right gear.
In pools across Italy, it is compulsory to wear a swimming cap in the water.
According to the travel website, Suncamp, the rule is in place for hygiene reasons.
They said: "The idea is that by wearing a swim cap you keep flakes of skin, hairs, and other dirt from your head out of the pool."
But not all tourists are happy with the rule – especially holidaymakers travelling with young children.
This is because the swimming caps have to be worn as soon as swimmers get into the water.
The caps then have to be removed when out of the water, which can be frustrating for parents who are having to aid their children.
In a post on Facebook, one person sought clarification about the rule from their friends and family.
They asked: "I thought I saw something about needing swim caps for the pools in Italy. Is this generally required? Are they strict about it?"
The post, which has had 35 comments, left many people sharing their own experiences of the rule.
One person wrote: "They required one at the public pool we went to on Lake Como, but they sold them there so I just purchased one for my daughter.

Another person added: "Yes, every time I used a pool a swimming cap was required."
While most holidaymakers were able to purchase a cap and swim in their hotel pool, others weren't as lucky.
Someone added: "We got kicked out of a pool in a beach club because we weren't wearing a swimming cap."
A second person said: "They were strict about it at pools that I went to, so it’s not worth taking a chance and not being allowed to swim."
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But several Brit holidaymakers have seen the funny side of the rule.
TikTok user Liv (@livpaganellio) and her friends recreated a synchronised swimming routine after they were made to wear swimming caps at a hotel pool in Italy.
Another Tiktoker, who is only known as dunkinqueen111 on the social media platform, also saw the funny side.
She posted a video of her and her friend dancing in a pool after they were made to wear a swimming cap.
While swimming caps are compulsory in place across Italy, campsites in the country can apply to be exempt from the rule.
Meanwhile, a mum was surprised to discover that common swimming shorts are banned in French pools.
There's plenty of poolside other poolside etiquette holidaymakers should be following – and most of it is universal.
Renowned etiquette expert, William Hanson, believes there is a 30-minute grace period on poolside reservations.
This is where hotel guests can use a towel or a book to reserve a spot for no longer than half an hour.
William told the Sun Online Travel: "In the morning, at the start of the day, and you're by the pool after breakfast, then it's fine at 8.30 to put your towel on the bed to reserve your spot."
"But later on in the day after you've used the lounger, and go off for a massage, for example, which is going to be an hour, then you can't use a towel to reserve the sun lounger."
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