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The View host Joy Behar has called out a fan in the audience after noticing their surprising behavior.
The comedian, 81, demanded to know why the crowd member was clapping when they weren’t supposed to be.
At the start of Friday’s episode of The View, Joy welcomed everyone to the show, as she takes over as moderator when Whoopi Goldberg is out on the last day of the week.
She began: “Hello, everybody, and welcome to The View! 
“It is Friday, and tomorrow is Veterans Day. So, thank you for your service out there.
“We appreciate it. Believe me, we do.”
Before moving on to the first discussion of the day, Joy requested a bit of audience participation. 
“I bet we have vets in the audience,” she said, before asking anyone to clap if they are, indeed, a veteran.
She was shocked at how many people clapped in response.
Unconvinced everyone who made noise was actually a veteran, she called out a fan on her side of the studio and asked them to confirm.
The audience member admitted they’re not a veteran, and Joy quickly shot back: “Then why are you clapping?”
Alyssa Farah Griffin jumped in to share that there were veterans in the audience, though, including a woman over on her side. 
“She’s a vet. She’s a beautiful veteran, right here,” the host said as she pointed out to the fan and everyone cheered.
Joy isn't the only host to make requests of fans during the show this past week.
The comedian shared a bizarre exchange that Whoopi had with a fan while cameras weren't rolling during Wednesday's show.
While speaking on The View: Behind the Table podcast, Joy told the show's executive producer, Brian Teta, all about the unexpected encounter.
"There was a woman in the audience that was wearing glasses that fit one of my characters in my plays," Joy began, referencing her five short plays, Bonkers in the Boroughs, which premiered at the New York Comedy Festival last week.
She went on: "So Whoopi said something about the glasses. She says, 'Joy loves those glasses.'
"The woman took them off her head and gave them to me, which is such a sweet gesture, it really was." 
The TV star then shared that she and her co-hosts gave the woman and the people she was with signed mugs in return.


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