Inside hotel with incredible 300-year-old wine cellar turned swimming pool in bedroom – The Mirror

Stefano Dioi visited Leonardo Trulli Resort in Locorotondo, Italy, and stayed in an underground bedroom that used to be a 300-year-old wine cellar – and was transformed into a pool
Jumping from your hotel bed to the pool may seem like a dream – but for some travellers, it can actually become reality.
Stefano Dioni, who stayed at Leonardo Trulli Resort in Locorotondo, Apulia, southern Italy, went viral after sharing his adventure online. He stayed in the Leonardo Suite, an underground bedroom that used to be a 300-year-old wine cellar.
To make the already special place even more intriguing, there is an entrance to his very own pool inside – with steps leading into the cool, blue water. Stefano's clip, shared on Instagram, has hundreds of thousands of views, with social media users being left mesmerised by the huge space, spanning 35 square metres.
The 33-year-old tour leader from Brescia, Italy, said: "As I arrived I immediately felt at home. The underground pool is large, with a sitting area and a lying area. It was also at a very pleasant temperature around 35 degrees."
The entrance to the pool is located at the foot of the bed, with just a square in the floor and steps into the ground. There is also a water feature at the end of the pool, as well as seats built under the water. In past years, this space was used as a wine cellar.
He said: "I was lucky to have the Leonardo Suite all by myself, it's the only one with the underground pool. I've never stayed at such a special place before, and I'll definitely be back before Christmas."
The room itself is decorated with natural tones and still features the original brick walls, with wooden furniture and colourful flooring. In the viral clip, Stefano can be seen jumping out of bed and swinging himself into the pool below.
The camera follows him as she swims through, showing the clear water and amazing architecture. Many people commented the post, with Roxy saying: "Awesome! I was there a few weeks ago!" Krik commented: "You go to the bathroom at night and find yourself in water, spectacular though."
But some people were not too impressed, as Danny wrote: "I suffer from claustrophobia. I can't." And Maria added: "Amazing! But I'm a sleepwalker, no thanks!"
Stays start at £500 a night in Leonardo Suite in the Cellar, which can be booked directly through the brand’s website. Leonardo Trulli also has its own spa, garden and magnesium salt swimming pool heated to 32 degrees.
Stefano added: "Being able to swim in Puglia in October was wonderful and unexpected. I practiced yoga, took part in a cooking class to prepare typical pasta and focaccia, cycled in the countryside. And enjoyed local delicacies for lunch, breakfast and dinner."
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