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Cultivate your ideas and capitalise on your start-up potential with our specialised support services for early stage enterprises.
Demand for the Incubator is high. Candidates should adhere to our selection criteria below.
Applications for 2023 are now open. Please return the completed Application Form following the information included before 12th May 2023.
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The application will be considered by a Committee comprising The Incubator Chair, the Executive Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital, one of the School’s Entrepreneur Mentors in Residence and an alumni entrepreneur (a founder of a business that has previously occupied incubation space).
Mid-September, the Committee welcomes back shortlisted applicants and invites them to pitch.
Pitches will take place before the full committee. Candidates should demonstrate their continued commitment to the long-term success of the business.
The successful businesses will be contacted within one week of the final pitch date and admitted to the programme for the period ending 31 July the following year.
Stage 1
Stage 2
For any further queries please contact: Osman Haneef, Senior Manager of Ventures, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital at London Business School
Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000
LBS and our Supporters are fully invested in the development of great ideas. The resources that are provided ensure tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are given the freedom to innovate and prosper.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services provides building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support virtually any workload. Adjust them as your needs change, without upfront costs or ongoing commitments and only paying for what you use. Whether you are building applications for colleagues or consumers, enterprise support or ecommerce, with Amazon Web Services you will find a complete set of highly available services which are designed to work together to build sophisticated, scalable applications.
Bluebox Corporate Finance
Bluebox Corporate Finance was founded in 2012 by James Caan and Paul Herman to tackle the sad reality that almost 90% of businesses marketed for sale, fail to sell.
The company’s professional team works alongside its clients to deliver market-leading, pre-sale planning services from up to three years before their exit. The team then provides advice on the sale or fund raising exercises themselves. The Bluebox team has worked with over 500 clients and sold more than 100 businesses. 
Cleveland Scott York
Cleveland is a firm of intellectual property experts, who help leaders and innovators convert their ideas into strategic business advantage. We go beyond technical and legal advice, and explore and meet your commercial needs. Operating as a seamless extension of your business, Cleveland’s attorneys work with you to realise the commercial opportunities that exist in the ideas you generate.
Dropbox is a smart workspace that transforms the way people work. Easily bring together your team’s content, and tools, helping you be organized, stay focused and get in sync with your teams. Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. This includes content creation, social media sharing, workflow automation, lead capture, customer relationship management, sales pipeline mapping and performance tracking.
Indigo Green
At Indigo Green Consulting, we believe that both businesses and individuals benefit from the design and implementation of robust recruitment practices. We combine functional expertise in recruitment, assessment design and assessor training to ensure that our clients have the relevant tools and the skills to support their talent acquisition. As experts in attraction and selection, we are committed to providing bespoke solutions and support to clients in the recruitment of talent.
Specialising in brand strategy, brand identity and brand expression, our work is refined, enduring and most importantly commercially effective. Our clients include property and architectural companies through to AI, Prop Tech, Fin Tech, Clean Tech ventures and beyond. They share a common trait: they want to use their entrepreneurial and creative spirit to transform other peoples’ lives. Building bold and distinctive brands, we help them realise their potential.
Max Accountants
Max Accountants specialises in working with early-stage and high-growth technology companies; as a result, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this sector and also the range of opportunities available, such as R&D tax credits, S(EIS) tax relief and grant funding. We use the latest cloud-based technology to deliver scalable accounting support and have a proven track record of supporting our customers with good-value, high-quality advice.
Max accountants
Microsoft For Startups
An extensive suite of resources is available for our early-stage ventures to develop or migrate their solution, get it in front of customers and scale their business.
Santander, through Santander Universities, has been collaborating with over 1,200 universities and academic institutions around the world for 18 years; through an initiative that is one of its kind globally and distinguishes it from other banks and financial institutions. In 2014, the division funded 28,443 scholarships, study aids and professional internships and initiated over 4,400 university projects. By 2018, a total of 1.7 billion euros will have been channeled into supporting higher education projects. In the United Kingdom, the bank holds 81 agreements with universities nationwide and has been collaborating with academic institutions since 2007.
Shoosmiths is a national law firm providing legal services tailored to meet clients’ objectives and goals. The firm has a network of offices including Birmingham, Basingstoke, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Reading and Southampton. Shoosmiths’ client-centred approach has defined its achievements for more than 160 years.  The firm works with a spectrum of clients, from small businesses and individuals to FTSE 100 corporates – each requiring expert and dedicated attention
SixBerries is on a mission to empower startup founders by providing technology leadership, strategy and people. We are industry and technology agnostic and work across multiple verticals helping teams go from idea to scale.
Stripe is the best way to accept card payments on websites and in mobile apps, powering payments for thousands of businesses of every size – from start-ups to blue chip companies. Prior to Stripe, businesses had to spend days communicating with sales reps and filling out complicated forms to begin transacting online. Stripe’s APIs are flexible enough to support almost any payment experience; behind the scenes, Stripe takes care of the heavy lifting, from security to daily deposits to your bank account.
Sussex Place Ventures
Sussex Place Ventures is an early stage venture capital investor which backs entrepreneurs building enterprise software, and strong patent-protectable deep technology.
SPV is an independently managed venture capital company associated with London Business School.

The global B2B chemical industry is worth over $4 trillion, yet over 80% of it still trades offline. CX is driving major change through digitalisation in the industry by building the world’s first end-to-end supply platform to complete the entire transaction and optimize all-in costs for manufacturers.
Founders: Max Roz and Angel Sun MBA 2022
D-one is an online budget and valuation platform. Our ambition is to address the market need for data-driven valuation and feasibility study services. The platform facilitates to businesses the ability to input their company’s financial forecasts. Then the Platform process the data and combines it with market data to produce potential business valuation, forecasted financial statements, and key investment analysis.”
Founder: Mohamad Baki EMBA DJ2019
Food of Gods brings potent and flavour forward heirloom spices to health and planet conscious consumers. We closely work with small, multi-generational family farms across Africa & Asia who are champions of biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. Food of Gods is a food retail startup with an environmental and social mission to change the narrative around spices and superfoods by bringing transparency of produce, producer and provenance.
Founder: Prerna Baruah, EMBAGA 2020           
LFH.School provide personalised, collaborative and technology driven private tutoring for students with a holistic team-based teaching approach. Our mission is to re-invent tutoring for the AI assisted new world by ambitious industrialisation to enable human tutors to focus on personalisation. We will professionalise tutoring reducing uncertainty and poor quality at an affordable cost. We aim to become the premier global tutoring provider supporting students, parents and teaching establishments
Funders: Jomy Jose Mangalathu EMBALS2022 and Jacques de Cock MSC19
Lotus Kids provides mothers in the UK with access to holistic motherhood support based on principles of the traditional Chinese confinement method. We currently offer training in postnatal confinement to doulas and we run a matching agency to connect mothers with our doulas. We are planning to launch an app offering different levels of support in 2023.
Founders: See-wan Lam, MBA2009 and Wouter Mayeur, EMBALJ2021  
Maternally is a mobile platform that caters to women’s mental health needs during their motherhood journey. It offers credible resources, access to professional help 24/7 in a secure, confidential and affordable manner and a community of supporters.
Founders: Yasmine El Mouallem, Ramzi Qannati EMBADJ19, Vijaysarathi Kallam EMBADJ19
Movmenta aims to help athletes to improve performance and reduce injuries by developing IoT for the sports industry and implementing new technology sensors with predictive data intelligence. With its eco-minded vision, Movmenta’s innovations are designed to support traceability within the recycling process, offering brands a sustainable solution.
Founders: Xavier Segri EMBALS2022 and Ofir Dagan EMBALS2022
Popp is revolutionising the “loyalty loop” by enabling unprecedented consumer activity tracking and the unlocking of seamless reward generation across multiple touchpoints. We are creating a new asset class for loyalty on chain, and converting customers into fans.
Popp also runs a web3 studio, Atlas Labs, which helps non-profits and brands with end-to-end web3 and metaverse support; from strategy, to technical development and execution using blockchain, NFTs, crypto-payments, AR and VR.
Founders: James Cochrane-Dyet MBA 2022, Sam Dhesi and Ilyes Benmansour
Remigos simplifies immigration for students. A one-stop platform for our customers to discover all the tasks and services they need during the process, enable the setup of all services like utilities, and banking and provide access to affordable cross-border payment and banking solutions. Our mission is to make the immigrant experience exciting and fun by removing all the friction and problems in the process. They can focus on their education and career, and leave the rest to us.
Founder: Sarthak Doshi MBA2022
Sona Chandi is a modern wellness brand on a mission to bring ancient wellness secrets of India to the world. We are rooted in Ayurveda and backed by modern science.
Sleep is crucial for our health, productivity and wellbeing, and yet up to 45% of the global population is sleep deprived. Our debut product range is the perfect pre-bedtime ritual to prepare both the mind and body for restful sleep.
Founder: Aditi Arya MiM 2019   
Swizzle is a recommendation and delivery app for beers, wines and spirits. Our mission is to help our users find the perfect bottle and deliver it to them when convenient. We aim to simplify the process of choosing alcohol and give instant personalized recommendations to each user based on their budget, occasion, preferences, and so much more! Cheers to that.
Founders: Capucine Codron MBA2022 and Guillaume Jacomin MBA2022
BirdCurrent is making global trade easy. We are creating a cross-border payments network with integrated liquidity solutions for smaller importers and exporters. We will facilitate international transactions using local payment methods and provide access to flexible and integrated credit. We are focused on the pharmaceutical supply-chain, assisting the efficient distribution of crucial medical supplies.
Founder: Yatish Patel (MIFPT2019)
Website: BirdCurrent
Earnr automates tax for side-hustlers and the self-employed. We help our customers spend less time on day to day admin and more time on tasks that spark joy or generate revenue. Understanding how much tax to declare and submitting a tax return can be stressful and complicated – but it doesn’t need to be. We enable our customers to keep track of their incomings and outgoings, classify their transactions, and automate their tax return all via an easy to use app.
Founders: Enzo Ottens (MBA2019) and Jamie Leverton

Website: Earnr
Grubclub Pets
If dogs and cats were a country, they’d be the fifth largest consumers of meat globally. They’re responsible for over 25% of the environmental impact of the meat industry. Grub Club is on a mission to make our pets more sustainable with a range of highly nutritious and environmentally friendly insect-based pet food.
Founder: Alessandro Di Trapani (MBA2021)
Website: GrubClub Pets
junee is tackling the single use packaging challenge, starting with the workday lunch. The UK generates 11 billion pieces of single-use packaging from lunch-on-the-go. junee’s borrow-and-return system of reusable containers make reuse as easy as single-use. Companies partner with junee as a sustainability perk for employees. Employees can borrow junee bowls for free from local restaurant partners and return them in conveniently located return points in their office. junee collects used bowls from offices, cleans them, and delivers them back to restaurants for reuse.
Founders: Mary Liu (MBA2021) and Caroline Williams (MBA2021) 
Website: junee
Little Steps Financing
Little Steps Financing are a fintech start-up with a social mission to make childcare in the UK more affordable. Childcare affordability is an intractable social issue that impacts millions of families, parents, and children. Little Steps Financing provide financing solutions that enable parents to spread their childcare costs at as low an interest rate as 0%. The unique value proposition of Little Steps Financing will also help childcare providers to boost their revenues and employers to increase employee retention and productivity.
Founders: Panagiotis Kyrkopoulos (EMBALJ2020) and John Frangis (EMBALJ2020)
At Converge, we are building complete Smart Automation Pipelines for SMEs. SMEs come in different sizes and forms, and so do smart automation pipelines. Think of having a full Data Science team supporting your day-to-day operations – that’s the superpower we give you. 
Founders: Jerome Billiet (MFA2021), Thomas Holvoet, Lawrence Kurowski and Jan-Henrik Lambrechts
Website: Converge
Mate is the next generation dating app that makes online dating feel more organic by creating communities based on affiliations, interests, and causes and giving people more agency to find people they are excited to meet.
Founder: Jess Harcourt (MBA2021)
Phare Labs
Phare Labs exists to make our world safer through smarter smoke alarms.  Built on feedback from 2,952 customers, our alarms break the status quo: they’re safe, smart, and simple to use. And that’s only the beginning.
Founders: Daniel McBride (MBA2021) and Arnau Donate
Website: Phare Labs
Property Technologies
PTL provides a state-of-the-art SaaS platform for appraisal and valuation of residential properties. It is based on Automated Valuation Models (AVM) enhanced by AI for consistent and reliable results for a wide range of users including surveyors, investors, and mortgage lenders, for single assets or portfolios (mass appraisals). It offers unparalleled capability for implementation in both developed and developing countries.
Founders: Ariz Rizvi (SLN2020), Anurag Munshi (SLN2018) and Regi Athwal (SEMBA2008)
Website: Property Technologies
SENUP is an EdTech company aimed at improving the online education and personal development of children with Special Education Needs. SENUP’s platform helps parents of special children to easily find the SEN experts and tools, connect with the broader SEN community, and monitor their child’s learning journey – all in one place!
Founder: Sapan Gupta (MiM 2021)
Website: SENUP
Unify is an AI-enabled marketplace that connects prospective students with universities, by offering them a streamlined and customized application. With Unify, students can search a full database of programs, compare and smart match with programs based on their personal objectives, and apply to multiple programs with a single application. Simultaneously, universities benefit from the most robust lead generation tool on the market.
Founder: Mattia Pastore MBA2021
Days Brewing Logo BlackDays
Days is an independent beer business that aims to change the way the world drinks. Using locally sourced Scottish water and malt barley with a unique double fermentation brewing process that never produces alcohol we have created a range of crisp, fresh and sessional alcohol-free beers that pair with our consumer and their lifestyle. We created Days for all those who love great beer and all it brings, but are tired of alcohol getting in the way of their
Founder: Mike Gammell (MBA2018)
Website: Days

ESG Base Logo 20200922ESG Base
ESG Base is building a SaaS product for investors and fund managers to make greener investments. Their AI platform brings together ESG analysis with projections of financial returns, regulations and technology to provide a rigorous and holistic view of investment proposals.
Founders: Dev Majumder (EMBAG2020) and Nick Rhodes (EMBAGA20)
Website: ESG
Figgy website_logo_solid_backgroundFiggy
Figgy is an early-stage, pre-launch, UK startup in the health and beauty tech sector. figgy aims to change the way people access information and make decisions on acne treatments. We are building the world’s smartest bot to help anyone with acne – to identify the right products to use, to stick with the regime and be there, 24/7, for all your acne-related questions
Founder: Audrey Koh (MBA2020)
Website: Figgy
Immunie is a digital vaccination records network, powered by Blockchain. Relying on Paper Cards exposes people to loss and damage of vital information, loose controls and counterfeit vaccines. Immunie´s proprietary technology provides a global immunization record application and travel certificates, issued by authenticated healthcare professionals, maintaining the highest security level and data privacy standards.
Founders: Sabino Correa (SLN2019) and Mukund Joshi (SLN2019)
Website: Immunie

Juno BW Logo COLJuno Bamboo Water
Juno Bamboo Water is an innovative drink made with bamboo leaf extract, sparkling water, and a hint of yuzu. Inspired by nature, Juno Bamboo Water promotes a sense of mindfulness and wellbeing as it is sugar-free, low in calorie, and packed with natural antioxidants. For each bottle sold, Juno donates to global reforestation projects.
Founder: Guillaume Poncet (MBA2020)
Website: Juno Bamboo Water
Krew is the world’s first mass-scale platform to meet fitness and health professionals live remotely. Our bleeding-edge tech allows us to offer millions of livestreams augmented with AI like motion tracking at very high quality, low latency and cost. We cover the whole user journey from discovery, booking and enjoying a session, to tracking progress and coming back for more, all without the need for any user hardware or costly recording studios. Our vision is to unlock the creative potential of millions of professionals while breaking down fitness and health to its most fun, rewarding basics.
Founder: Jose Martin Quesada (MiM2016)
Website: Krew
London Analytics -logo-white with blue background squareLondon Analytics
London Analytics is a team of top experts in the industry. We help financial institutions monetise their data and boost their performance. Our cutting-edge data-science technologies and services allow financial institutions with big volumes of transactional data understand their customers. It allows organisations to offer their clients one-to-one level of services in automated way reducing the costs of operations.
Founders: Pablo Morales (SLN2019) and Kira Begunova (SLN2019)
Website: London Analytics

Meet supports a business school’s and university’s community of admits, students and alumni by providing a Virtual Campus to help fill the networking and communication void left by pure education delivery. Meet unlocks value-creating connection opportunities, centralises and consolidates compartmentalised resources and removes the friction and frustrations of communication within large, global communities.
Founder: Matthew Brooke-Hitching (MBA2020)
Website: Meet
mytalu is a global family budgeting solution. Through our integrated e-wallet mobile app, we aim to empower migrants with the tools to better manage their remittances.
Founder: David-Elliot Johnson (MiM2019)
Website: mytalu

Nibble enables customers to negotiate a personalised price in eCommerce. For the retailer, this is a much better alternative to voucher codes and blanket mark-downs. For the customer, it is a fun, engaging way to secure a great discount on a desired product or service.
Founders: Rosie Bailey (SLN2019) and Jamie Ettedgui (SLN2019)
Website: Nibble
Treeapp - logo-main-colourTreeapp
Treeapp is a mobile app enabling anyone to plant a tree for free everyday in less than a minute. Since its launch in April 2020, the app has been featured as the Hottest App in the UK on the app store & gathered over 15k users fully organically. 30+ brands are already working with Treeapp to showcase their commitment to sustainability.
Founders: Jules Buker (MiM2018), Leo Ng (MiM2018) and Godefroy Harito (MiM2018)
Website: Treeapp
Umwuga is a social network for working class professionals. We help workers build and showcase their reputation and skills so they stand out from their competitors. We also help employers find great people to hire who have been vetted by their friends, family, and colleagues. Sign up now at
Founder: Nasi Rwigema (MBA2020)
Website: Umwuga
VCARE is a platform enabling medical test sample collection from homes, contributing to moving healthcare from hospitals/ labs to the community, reducing delays and making it convenient. VCARE aims to provide quality, affordable, timely and convenient healthcare for all.
Founder: Arun Mannath (SLN2020)
YAYZY helps you put climate action on autopilot using your spending and investments. YAYZY has built revolutionary technology that automatically calculates carbon footprint using payment data, so you can connect your spending to its impact on the planet. Their technology is available for businesses as plug-and-play APIs and consumers in the app store. Get the YAYZY App!
Founder: Pedro Cabrero (MiF2019)
Website: YAYZY
Archetype is a web-based platform that helps SME architects and small project owners deliver sustainable retrofit and new-build residential projects. The platform does so by providing sustainability rating information, project life cycle cost information, a marketplace of green building materials and access to incentives such as cheaper green building loans that are available from lenders.
Puneet Khunger SLN2019 and Milind Goel MIM2019
Cult Mia Logo

CULT MIA provides a platform for emerging fashion discovery, showcasing the most unique fashion pieces from the most exciting designers and hosting them in a digital pop-up, open to shop for just two weeks. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Nina Brener-Hellmund MBA2019 and Francesca Bresciani MiM2019

Fighter shots smaller logo
Fighter Shots

Fighter Shots make 100% natural superfood energy shots, that are created to increase focus, reduce fatigue and are an alternative to coffee.

Anna Szymanowska MBA2018

Ketka Logo

Ketka is an audio only interactive storytelling platform; our aim is to reignite the power of a millenary tradition leveraging technology to improve education and develop creativity. We use the engagement of stories and games, combined with the rigor of education and psychological framework to help children become future fit.
Isabelle Chatel de Brancion EMBA2017

Oculo brings transparency to progress monitoring on construction sites, by automatically building a streetview-like walkthrough on a daily basis. This helps align everyone involved on the factual state of progress, as well as resolve claims in the future by providing a full photographic archive.
Tom Kotecki EMBA2019 and Wojciech Szymczak MBA2019
Roleshare Logo


At Roleshare, our goal is to enable a sustainable workforce, where people get more from their roles, and where full-time balance in work and life is normal – regardless of the reason. We enable a sustainable workforce by helping people connect and combine their strengths for exciting and fulfilling shared roles.
Dave Smallwood EMBA2017
SFR Logo
SFR Medical

SFR Medical is a MedTech start-up based in London. Through an innovative and secure solution, SFR Medical navigates the interface between the police force and NHS to provide medical evidence from victims who have been attacked, at a price that is affordable, in a time frame that is acceptable, and with the quality that is needed.
Johann Grundlingh EMBA2019, Lisa Helfer SLN2018 and Suyash Shrivastava EMBA2019

Sorakami is a subscription business delivering the most exquisite Japanese sake to your door every month. Our mission is to revolutionise the way people drink and perceive the drink of the gods. Get your sommelier-curated bottle and join the sake revolution now!
Robin Sola MiM2016
Stotles Logo

Stotles uses data to make public-sector procurement more accessible. Finding, evaluating, and bidding on government contracts is notoriously laborious and premised on out of date technology. Stotles has developed a SaaS platform that is transforming the public procurement market from a murky, sluggish world to a transparent, efficient one.
John Witt MBA2019, Taj Kamranpour MBA2019 and Carsten Schaltz MBA2019

Sueted provides mobile boutiques with premium mobile fitting rooms at the point of deliveries. Our instant return option eliminates shoppers’ return journey and shrinks retailer return windows by up to 96%. We also run pop-ups in high footfall areas, providing unmatched brand awareness through mobile window displays and exterior van advertisements to fashion, beauty and accessory brands.
Dolapo Adeyemi MBA2019
Thé Blending Co

Thé Blending Co is a premium, experiential, direct-to-consumer tea brand. It aims to shorten the supply chain from 7 months to 7 days and provide the freshest teas to the doorstep. Additionally, it empowers customers to personalize their tea blends as per their preferences.
Arpit Khemka MiM2019 and Ananya Khemka MiM 2016
Fineazy is a profit-with-purpose ed-tech venture improving financial literacy in Africa. Fineazy has developed an innovative approach to teaching basic financial concepts using bespoke content, chat bots, storytelling and learning personalisation. Fineazy’s goal is to empower all people to make excellent financial decisions, unlock the fin-tech value chain and drive sustainable financial inclusion.

Founders: Monique Baars MBA2018 and Hannes Leskelä
GQS Hedge Fund
GQS Hedge Fund is a quantitative hedge fund that uses data mining, and machine learning at its core, to drive a superior systematic strategy across global markets.

Founder: Vinicius Guterres Karam SLN2018
Jellani is an African inspired premium beverage brand. Jellani creates non-alcoholic adult beverages using natural nutrient dense superfruits and botanicals sourced directly, ethically and equitably from across the continent.

Founders: Bamidele Omotosho EMBALJ2018 and Kayode Obateru
Parallel AI
Parallel AIbelieves artificial intelligence should be ubiquitous across all enterprises large or small. Parallel AI’s Reflex addresses most real-time AI challenges businesses face today. Reflex is an enterprise grade real-time platform with a modular suite of intelligent building blocks akin to Lego. It opens opportunities for businesses to derive exponential value from data and intelligence by combining those blocks in interesting ways. Parallel AI has a track-record of delivering 15x return on investments in the media, retail and gaming sectors.

Founders: Chandan Rajah EMBALS2015,
Tamas Jambor, Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence and
Ryadh Kshib, Senior Director of Engineering
Partner Insight
Partner Insight is a Software-as-a-Service platform that helps technology-oriented business-to-business companies better manage their channel partners, increasing engagement and profitability across the entire partnership lifecycle. Leveraging artificial intelligence, automation and in-depth knowledge of the partnership journey, Partner Insight presents companies with a holistic view on the current state of their partnerships and helps them to act on emerging growth opportunities. With the Partner Insight platform, companies can better engage and quickly scale channel partners to reach new customers or enter new markets.

Founder: Roman Kirsanov SLN2017
Proplabs is Airbnb investing at scale. Renting out property on Airbnb can create far superior returns than traditional leasing. Proplabs takes advantage of this at scale by establishing a fund to purchase property and rent out professionally on Airbnb. Proplabs’ proprietary investment tool uses Airbnb data from 10 countries to identify the best possible locations for an Airbnb investment, and maximise the returns for investors.

Founders: Mitchell Stevens MBA2018, Sayu Sina SLN2018 andEvan Green MBA2020, Co-founder
searchsmartly 1
The property search and move-in experience has always been deeply inefficient, painful, and time-consuming, with renters spending up to 100 hours scouring the internet to find the right home. SearchSmartly makes this process faster for renters through the use of its intuitive, smart matchmaking algorithms that allow true understanding of the user and their lifestyle needs. SearchSmartly matches users to their ideal properties and neighbourhoods on an intimate level, and generates highly-convertible leads for estate agents and local amenity service providers.

SearchSmartly are winners of the 2018 Great British Entrepreneur Challenge. The founding team has a diverse background in technology, real estate, sales, operations and strategy, from companies such as Red Bull Racing, BCG, Citi, Salesforce, Microsoft, and KeyAgent.

Founders: Taha Dar MBA2018, and Gil Razafinarivo MBA2018
Skwire aims to be a one-stop shop for property investment. Using in-house algorithms Skwire has found capital appreciation hotspots within Hackney, identified ‘recession-proof’ residential investments for a family office, profiled target tenants for a new private rented sector development and identified areas of undersupply and high yields for student housing developers.
But Skwire is more than pure data – it makes insight investable

Founders: Elisabeth Kohlbach MBA2018 and Bilal Khan
The Ocean Bottle
The Ocean Bottle is a new stainless steel reusable bottle, which funds plastic collectors in impoverished coastal communities, to stop ocean plastic at source and lift people out of poverty. The Ocean Bottle funds collectors in Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil – via partners, The Plastic Bank, an award winning organisation, which use an IBM blockchain platform to track plastic collection. Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles, the equivalent of 12kgs of plastic. The product itself has been developed by a Norwegian design agency, K8, to be the ultimate everyday reusable drinking bottle. Each bottle is also smart chip activated, which means that owners will be able to donate more to plastic collectors, when they refill their Ocean Bottle at partner locations.

Founders: William Pearson MIM2018,Michelle Wiles,
Mauricio Coindreau and
Nick Doman MIM2018
VITA Vodka
VITA Vodka is the world’s first spirit specifically designed to taste great mixed with sparkling water, avoiding unnecessary sugars, additives and calories found in other cocktails. VITA Vodka is triple distilled from Italian grains and infused with a secret formula based on natural citruses from the Mediterranean region. VITA Vodka has gained more than 500 investors through crowdcube and is available on Amazon and at major retailers in the UK, Spain and Mexico.

Founder: Victor Ruiz Lafita MBA2018
Zumu is a Mobility-as-a-Service company. It is the first to offer full access to electric scooters (similar to a Vespa) throughout London, providing everyone a smooth, seamless way of travelling in the city. Zumu is also a great way to show love to your town, by reducing congestion and noise while getting out in the fresh air. It will all be done seamlessly with a mobile application.

Founder: Alberto Garnier MBA2018
AssetVault provides a secure online platform for storing and safeguarding assets and documents such as life and home contents insurance and wills. The company, which was set up in 2015, has secured pilots with some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies to distribute AssetVault to their customers.

Founders: Vishnu Chundi MBA2017 and Farid Haque

Carbon Chain
CarbonChain is an innovative blockchain platform, enabling companies in mining, oil and gas and construction materials to authenticate and account for any assets across their entire supply chain. The founders set up the business after discovering that human error in supply chains can hit companies’ revenues.

Founders: Roheet Shah MBA2015, Adam Hearne MBA2015 and Samuel Green MBA2015

Global Dinners _highres
Global Dinners
Bringing university students together for dinners in cities around the globe is the idea behind social network Global Dinners. Members choose a dinner party based on their own personal and professional interests and then meet like-minded people for an evening of fine food and networking.

Founders: Ricardo Tannus MiM2017, Juliano Gomes and Nitish Dewan MiM2017

Hub 85 logo
HUB85 gives companies the means to identify, analyse and govern their internal spreadsheet inventory, using business intelligence software that identifies and addresses any risks. It also spots areas of operational inefficiency. The founders plan to grow the business into a global operation.

Founders: Omar Quaraishi EMBALS2016 and Samuel Arthur

Madera will specialise in making delicious, fresh homemade waffles, along with crepes, sandwiches and salads, in a warm, family-friendly setting. The founders are launching their first restaurant, in London, as part of their ambitious plan to run Europe’s largest chain of waffle eateries by 2022.

Founders: Aleksander Aleksic MiM2017 and Jovana Kostadinovic

Medicspot Zubair-A-Logo-Final-01
MedicSpot gives patients easy and convenient access to online GPs working in pharmacies across Britain. Patients can book appointments via the web, visit their local MedicSpot-partner pharmacy, have an online consultation with a GP and then pick up prescriptions immediately after speaking to a doctor.

Founders: Dr Zubair Ahmed MBA2017, Tarlochan Toor and Nicholas Ibery EMBALJ2014

My Kingdon Books  1024 x 1024
My Kingdom Books
My Kingdom Books produces personalised stories that come to life through augmented reality. Characters spring into action when someone scans their tablet or mobile phone over the pages. While ordering books online, parents can tailor them so that their child’s name pops up throughout the story.

Founder: Amile Samarakoon EMBA2016

Sportskred Logo 1
SportsKred was set up to help athletes connect and work with brands on digital sponsorship campaigns. Sportspeople get the financial support they need to develop their careers by using their social media accounts to share content from paying companies. Meanwhile, the businesses they work with gain access to more potential customers.

Founders: Victor Stekly EMBALJ2015 and Juan Pablo Mejia Caicedo MBA2016

Stitched is a website that gives people who buy curtains online a true sense of what the finished product will look like. Customers use 3D technology to choose the style and design they want, pick the right size and confirm the order. The company offers 140+ fabrics for curtain and blinds.

Founders: Will Verrill MBA2017 and Elinor Pitt

TalEng Logo HR
Oil companies are often overcharged when hiring consultant engineers from engineering firms for a specific project. But TalEng is addressing this issue by creating a website where businesses can find and hire freelance engineers directly. As well as making it cheaper to hire freelancers, the website also reduces the time spent looking for a specialist.

Founder: Phil Houston EMBALJ2017

XYZ Logo
XYZ Reality
XYZ Reality is using augmented reality to radicalise the construction industry. The company’s HoloSite system can assess a building’s measurements and specifications more accurately than any other programme or software in the sector. It also delivers digital plans quickly and practically to the onsite workers wearing HoloSite headsets.

Founders: Umar Ahmed MiM2015 and David Mitchell
Logo Rocket BandW 2
Rocket Smoothies’ mission is to enable businesses to make healthy food & beverages cleanly, quickly & simply with no waste, no mess & no hassle.
Rocket’s solution is to provide perfectly portioned, prepacked capsules of frozen fruit and vegetables together with a dedicated blending device. Think “Nespresso for smoothies”.
Founders: Eduardo Clavijo SLN2015, Kevin Meehan SLN2015
AutoRose Transparent Logo 2
Autorose is an automotive internet-of-things company that uses big data and predictive analytics to address a key problem for garages and insurance companies: the need for near-live detailed information on individual vehicles’ health.
Founders: Tom Haywood MBA2015, Igor Turevsky JEMBA2007 and Ilian Iliev
twitter-128_32x32   Follow Autorose on Twitter: @_autorose

passthekeysfinalv03 copy
Pass the Keys lets people short-let their homes through platforms such as Airbnb without any hassle, at double their long-term rental value. It takes care of all property management tasks and provides market insight and efficiency to increase their income. Its vision is to become a global leader in short-let management with properties in a dozen cities around the world.
Founders: Alexander Lyakhotskiy MBA2015 and Zoe Vu MBA2015
twitter-128_32x32   Follow Pass the Keys on Twitter: @passthekeysuk

PoundWise Draft Logo-HD3
PoundWise is changing personal finance with a solution that helps individuals and families make better financial decisions. No current technology reveals one’s tendency to poor financial behaviours or quantifies their impacts. The PoundWise solution, which combines finance, data analytics, and behavioural science, represents the next evolution in financial planning and wealth management.
Founders: Ryan Kruger MiF2013, Kevin Shaw and Clinton Brownley
SaveWallets creates a digital platform for people to save and invest – simply, efficiently and at low cost. Clients can link their credit cards/ debit cards/bank accounts and a percentage of their non-essential spending will be automatically saved. The savings will be invested using a robust, intelligent model to enable the client to reach their financial goals.
Founder: Sreejita Saha MiF Ft 2015
Sonic’s mission is to disrupt the premium alcoholic beverage mixer category through taste and sensory innovation. Sonic takes a holistic, blank slate approach to create mixers with the end mixed drink experience in mind. Sonic’s distinctive look, powerful brand story and purpose aim to give it real cut-through in an otherwise conservative category.
Founders: Richard Watson MBA 2015 and Joe McCanta.
Sosie logo
SOSIE transforms brick-and-mortar clothing shops into brick-and-mobile fashion experiences to maximize footfall and conversion. Our design-led technology propels the Internet-of-Fashion-Things seamlessly connecting garments–shoppers–retailers to make shopping personal, social and easy. It was showcased as a next-generation digital solution with high-growth potential in Innovate UK’s Future Retail competition.
Founder: Tahreem Arshad MBA2014
Taste Of Kenya Logo_Final_With_No_Tag
Taste of Kenya was set up to disrupt the current coffee supply chain using an online marketplace resulting in a fairer price for the farmer whilst the roaster benefits through better traceability. Its mission is impacting small-scale coffee farmers in Kenya through: direct sourcing, software access and sustainable initiatives.

Founder: Zipporah Gatiti EMBA2014

twitter-128_32x32   Follow Taste of Kenya on Twitter: @tastekenya

AssetBar is revolutionising the way you invest in peer-to-peer assets by bringing in a diversified portfolio approach into the field. Many private investors have recognised the benefits of investing their capital directly, using opportunities like peer-to-peer lending, equity and real estate crowdfunding. With AssetBar, they are able to build and manage these assets to optimise their risks and enhance their returns.
Founder: Alex Ryvkin EMBALJ2014
Reddendi Logo v2
Reddendi is a niche premium men’s accessories brand with a social purpose: to support the education of underprivileged children in developing countries. Reddendi creates and sells luxury ties, cufflinks and pocket squares themed around a different region of the world: each product supports a child’s education for a year in that region.
Co-Founders: Neeraj Dalmia MBA2016 and Stefan Humphries MBA2016
fb   Like Reddendi on Facebook: Reddendi London

ig   Follow Reddendi on Instagram: Reddendi London

Banking Qualification
Banking Qualification aims to bring high-quality learning and development to the banking sector. The banking industry has no minimum professional qualification requirement. Professional development in banking takes place at the time and expense of the bank itself. We develop an affordable, UK accredited professional banking qualification ready for use on the doorstep of banking institutes and banks in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Founder: Shahnoor Meghani, SLN2015
Hiver logo
Hiver is a smartphone app that enables you to make the most of the time you spend networking. It automatically remembers each interaction you have – which is great if you’re prone to forgetting names – so that you can connect with people and follow up effectively. Hiver also offers event organisers powerful data and analytics that can be used to effectively manage and sell an event so that both sponsors and attendees have a great event experience.
Founders: Andrea Sommer EMBALJ2015 and Oliver Pilgerstorfer EMBALJ2015
EncycloKidia is the first online marketplace for all children’s services. We are making the procurement of children’s services effortless by doing two things: provide parents exact, up to date information on each service; provide providers a platform to build their reputation with reviews from existing parent customers.
Founders: Shefali Modi JEMBA2012 and Zahir Koradia 
Experience_Economy_Pat_ELogo_for_Incubator Hen
Hen is a virtual assistant that makes running a business as easy as chatting.
Founder: Pat Eskinasy EMBALS2015
fosho is building ME Commerce, creating a unique online marketplace where shoppers can get instant personalized deals, by making offers on the products. People no longer have to spend days on auction sites or search for vouchers / sales – now they can simply make offers and find a price that’s right for them in just 2 minutes. Fosho’s in-built technology also allows vendors to move their stocks faster and more profitably since they don’t need to give flat, deep discount.
Founders: Pratyush Lal MBA2015 and Khyati Sundaram.
GramaGen uses biomass to generate energy, specifically grass clippings that are often just cut and left to rot. By using Anaerobic Digestion to generate energy (gas, electricity and heat) from grass collected through maintenance contracts, and finding novel uses for fertiliser by-products GramaGen’s mission is to utilise natural local resources to provide profitable energy products. uses for fertiliser by-products, it provides profitable energy products.
Founder: Ollie Chipp EMBALS2015
Hiperpool is a curated marketplace that connects high-potential business talent to the most exciting opportunities. Hiperpool’s unique model redefines the job-search process by taking the best both from the recruitment and the technology worlds.
Founders: Mohamad El Rafei MiM2012, Antonio Leone MiM2012
MarkIt is a web-based application for A-level maths. It helps students to complete assignments and automatically receive meaningful feedback. Teachers spend weekends marking homework. The feedback they write isn’t received by students until days later. By then, it’s lost its meaning and the opportunity to learn diminishes. MarkIt automates the process of marking and feedback, giving teachers more time for high-value teaching tasks. While associated data analysis provides real-time insight to teachers, it’s also academically rigorous – designed to fit current teaching routines in schools.
Founders: Charles Dupont MiM2011 and Nikki Gupta.
Nickle is modernising savings and credit through mobile technology. By building a digital banking platform for everyone, it’s democratising financial services.
Founders: Norah Prida Bay SLN2015 and Neil Cowburn 
Nookly tackles inefficiencies in the residential lettings market by empowering tenants and valuing estate agents’ time. The business leverages the mobility and reach of existing networks – much like Uber does – to create a marketplace that connects tenants and agents in a more efficient way. 
Founders: Jason Power SLN2015
Pobble is creating a more literate world, by giving teachers a means to inspire young writers and providing children with a global audience for their written work. By showcasing school work on a worldwide digital classroom wall, it boosts imagination and confidence, giving children motivation to write. Used in more than 100 countries and endorsed by authors, politicians and school leaders, Pobble has shared the writing of more than 40,000 children.
Founder: Jon Smith MBA2015 CEO and Matthijs Hovelynck MBA2015 Product Director
TableLink has developed a first-of-its-kind social book and pay platform, to revolutionise the way we go out. Call your friends, look up venues and sort money, all hassle-free. Then scroll through a list of your favourite venues, book the table or the tickets you want, invite your friends and, finally, pay together via one integrated platform.
Founders: Floris Wentholt MiM2013 COO and David Wentholt CEO

Ambitioni is the only data-driven platform that helps users explore long term career paths and quickly connect with professionals who have similar starting experiences, in an intuitive way. We have over 600 test users on our beta platform and a pilot running with the University of Pennsylvania Biotech Group. Our competitive advantages include our technology (a matching algorithm), a determined and highly qualified team (including advisors) and our firm focus on the long term career.
Founders: Neha Mittal (2014 exchange) and Andrei Crisan
Baishe offers Chinese consumers a personalised way to discover and shop with global multi-brand retailers, offering fashion and lifestyle designer goods. Baishe curates the latest in trends, information and inspiration from international fashion influencers and the latest products from global multi-brand retailers, with all content translated into Chinese. Baishe’s aim is to be a one stop destination for Chinese shoppers to discover and purchase fashion and lifestyle designer goods.

Founders: Mengzi (Allee) Zhang MiFPT2013, Wenjing Zhao MiF2013 and Jason Chen  
LeSalon is the beauty booking app that brings top professionals to you. We are changing the way you receive your beauty services. By connecting you with skilled and vetted professionals through our app, we provide beauty services on-demand or at your preferred time. No more travelling or scheduling your day around the salon. Simply select the service you require, tell us where and when, and book – it is that easy!
Founders: Jean-Michel Chalayer MiM2011, Maria Khait and Natasha Pilbrow
Lxpert is an online marketplace, where IT users can find accredited local IT experts to help them solve IT or technology related problems. Our goal is to help people get the most out of technology and enrich their lives. We achieve this by providing an easy-to-use e-commerce platform with a powerful search capability and smart business tools and by building a large global IT professional community.
Founder: Kennedy Cheng EMBAG2013
Mori is an online baby clothing platform focusing on high quality baby basics. The two main business fronts will be the subscription box and the e-commerce platform with a small array of Mori branded products. We at Mori are passionate about making our baby basics the best in the world.
Founders: Cameron Miller MBA2012, Akin Onal, John Charles Gasser and Pippa Vosper
Prettly is an online booking platform for delivered beauty services. We connect urban women to vetted and tested high-quality beauty specialists for on-demand beauty treatments that are delivered to the home or office. We offer customers a simple, convenient, trustworthy and affordable solution to their beauty needs. Our end goal is to radically improve the current user experience and help women who are busy, either at home or at work, look and feel their best.
Founders: Rhea Papanicolaou-Frangista MBA2013 and Farrah Hamid MBA2014
Spyn is an on-demand service enabling customers to get their clothes cleaned with a few taps on their smartphones. Spyn offers premium quality wash and fold, ironing and dry cleaning services. It offers a 24 hour turnaround time, automatic online payment system, affordable prices and opening hours between 7am and 11pm. Spyn has been founded by Karan Baweja and Rahul Goyal, who are both graduates of LBS and BITS-Pilani, India.
Founders: Rahul Goyal MiM2012 and Karandeep Baweja MiM2012
Love dining out but struggle to get last-minute reservations? Uncover is a mobile-only app that helps users discover and book London’s best restaurants. Based on geolocation and user preferences, we offer a handpicked shortlist of neighbourhood gems, trendy innovators and Michelin-starred classics, all with guaranteed last-minute availability. Freed from entering search terms, filtering hundreds of results and reading dozens of user reviews in a poor mobile interface, Uncover users select and book a great restaurant in 60 seconds.
Founders: Dan Ziv MBA2014, David Saenz MBA2014, Christopher Steinau MBA2014, John Graham and Rea Kamkar Shahroudi
Ladu logo

Ladu is an instant messaging app platform designed for operations communication with temporary workers and freelancers. Given it is using instant messaging, users respond faster via mobile apps, the experience is better, and our business dashboard gives companies control over their data, enabling tracking and analytics. Ladu is a Seedcamp company, started in July 2015. Our beta apps and business dashboard are already live and we are currently working with a few pilot clients.

Founders: Pavneet Singh MIM 2014 and Neha Mittal (2014 exchange)

Ladu is an instant messaging app platform designed for operations communication with temporary workers and freelancers. Given it is using instant messaging, users respond faster via mobile apps, the experience is better, and our business dashboard gives companies control over their data, enabling tracking and analytics. Ladu is a Seedcamp company, started in July 2015. Our beta apps and business dashboard are already live and we are currently working with a few pilot clients.
Founders: Pavneet Singh MIM 2014 and Neha Mittal (2014 exchange)
13 enterprises have won a Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award.


authentiQ allows consumers to authenticate products prior to purchase on their mobile devices. It also markets wine at point of sale to consumers at a personal level. authentiQ is a proprietary system that employs machine learning, an advanced branch of computer science. The system is patent pending.
Founder: Adéna Shao

The aim of Banneya is to bring anyone’s fashion design ideas to life with the power of 3D printing technology. 3D printing allows for a highly disruptive e-commerce model due to its game-changing production process. Send a digital model file to a machine and it builds it up layer by layer, this allows for mass customisation and on-demand, localised production. For designers, it means they can focus on the creative process and enjoy almost limitless freedom of design. 
Founder: Nimesh Thakrar 

Boozeye is a nightlife app that allows its users to purchase drinks deals and table packages from pubs, bars and nightclubs in London in just a few taps. Boozeye then guides the users to the particular venue, where they easily pick up their drinks. The interface is simple, clean and visually appealing. Their goal is to give bar customers a fun, fast and smooth journey to find drinking venues, and at the same time help venues reach out to potential customers in an efficient way.
Founder: Trond Haakenstad 


CTO & Co 

Top executives and board members of small and medium sized companies have many of the same business related security risks as their blue-chip counterparts. Unlike the corporates, however, most do not have a trusted Technology and Security Advisor to help them navigate through these risks. With its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), CTO & Co aims to make this corporate experience available to all.
Founder: François Collomb and Frank Pignal    


Funryde is an on-demand real-time ride-sharing service. It provides an environmentally conscious, social and fun way to move around. It is a consumer-to-consumer business that revolves around the sharing economy, enabled by mobile technology, social media, cloud services and analytics. Funryde offers everyday drivers the potential to offset their vehicle costs while offering riders affordability and an interesting social experience, all in a safe and tightly monitored setting. It has a strong sense of community, a spirit of sharing and an environmental aim to help reduce the number of cars on the road. Funryde will be launching their beta iPhone app in London soon, and hopefully soon after throughout the UK and beyond.
Founder: Ammar Halabi 


100Μentors is an online marketplace that empowers candidates to take control of their application process to find the best match mentors. It is a platform that for the first time allows the candidate visibility; to pre-screen hundreds of top, sophisticated mentors, customisation; for their exact need (e.g. about interviewing for the energy specialisation of a top MBA program), at the exact time they need it and value-for-money; for the most competitive price and create a “portfolio” of selected mentors, based on reviews and ratings per individual service provided by each mentor. 100Mentors’ team members bring deep experience in offering unique consulting and tutoring services to students. We are aspiring to disrupt our own businesses in the traditional admissions industry, which is dominated by firms that charge an average premium of $3,500/application and underserve the massive demand for reliable and valuable consultation. 100Mentors is a bold step for accomplishing our vision about broadening access to top education to a larger pool of applicants who are now offered a range of tailored-made tools to plan and pursue their dream studies.
Founders: Alex Pokatilo, Renae Schlosser and George Nikoletakis 

At NOOK, their mission is to help small leisure businesses to be present on any website, anywhere. They are committed to providing the most reliable service for streamlining operations and growing revenue across multiple online marketplaces. NOOK provides a software-as-a-service platform that helps small leisure businesses distribute their online profiles and availability to high traffic websites and manage all transactions in one centralised interface.
Founders: Luciana Custodio and Hernán Kleiman  


Our Mobile Health

Our Mobile Health provides a curated application store focused on mobile health applications, in order to help promote the best of the best applications to end users and healthcare providers. As a result this will make it easier for each of us to find and use digital tools to monitor conditions and help us make healthy choices. It will enable the good application providers with solid health interventions and engaging user experiences to stand out above the estimated 97,000 health apps currently available, and enable healthcare providers to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.
Founder: Julie Bretland 
Pizza Rossa 
Pizza Rossa will launch a chain of Italian quick-service street pizzerias in central London. Key in their proposition is centralised production, which allows significant scalability in a number of outlets in prime high-footfall locations. Shops will feature contemporary designs by a leading branding specialist. Pizza Rossa’s initial customers are time-constrained office workers, students and shoppers craving a delicious, quick, easy-to-eat, light and great value for money meal, served by friendly staff in convenient locations. Their delicious pizza will be complemented with superb pasta, soups, pastries, hot drinks and, seasonally, ice-cream. Corrado Accardi leads a strong management team with complementary skills ranging from property development to large-scale food production, marketing, branding and pizza operations management.

Founder: Corrado Accardi

Planned Departure 

Life has extended from the physical to the digital world and almost all our information is stored online. However, this information is lost most of the time in the event of death. Information, which could have been useful for family, friends, colleagues and other groups – just disappears. Death not only affects people who were close to the deceased, but it affects organisations such as financial institutes, utility services and the like, who were serving the deceased users. Planned Departure solves these problems by helping people plan well. It provides a secure electronic vault where users can store their digital assets and assign right beneficiaries. With Planned Departure, the user always remains in control of their digital assets. The user can plan their digital afterlife by leaving instructions to nominated beneficiaries. This eases the pain of loss and makes the lives of people left behind a bit more comfortable by giving them critical information in a timely manner.
Founder: Komal Joshi 

powr of you

powr of you revolutionises the online data game. Their vision is to create a marketplace for unified consumer data that benefits all in the data ecosystem. powr of you are creating a unique two-sided analytics platform that helps users benefit from their data, while also helping reveal valuable behavioural trends for marketers. For users, they help bring together their holistic online presence to provide fun and interesting insights while also providing them with the opportunity to monetise their data. For marketers, these insights provide a truly deep understanding of their consumers’ wants, likes and needs. The platform will be a reliable source of authentic up-to-date customer behaviour trends for marketers.
Founders: Keshav Malani and Shruti Malani Krishnan 
Solidspace Solidspace 

Solidspace is a boutique developer with a unique and registered design concept that makes homes light, spacious and stylish. Their homes are highly environmentally-friendly and their design concept makes the space in their homes so efficient that 90% of people believe that their homes are over 50% larger than they actually are. They put the customer and their needs at the heart of what they do and how they do it and they offer three main services: they help customers custom build their own bespoke Solidspace homes affordably, they retro-fit their unique space-efficient design concept into existing homes and they sell a high-quality and affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ Solidspace home to land owners.
Founder: Gus Zogolovitch 


SunEos develops a revolutionary new system for managing events and social nights. Using a technology similar to that of contactless Oyster cards, we incorporate a touch-pay system into pre-programmed wristbands for specific events, creating a safe and fast payment system tailor-made for our customers’ needs. This new system means guests can instantly receive any pre-determined amount of drinks or food without the need for separate tokens, and can also use the wristbands as a substitute for cash, meaning that all guests can enjoy their night without the constant worry of looking after their wallet. The event organisers also benefit from analytics on sales and consumption. With all these features and many more available and custom-made for each event, SunEos really is the future of the UK’s student social scene. Co-Founders Alexis Garavel and Henry de Bennetot have a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Their business idea was influenced by several experiences with cashless systems in Asia and the willingness to bring innovation in the entertainment industry. SunEos’ vision is to reinvent the social event experience and promote a cashless environment. Our motto: “Just tag along and forget cash”. 
Founders: Alexis Garavel and Henry de Bennetot

In 2012 – 2013, seven enterprises won a Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award. 
Esin Akan

Esin Akan is an affordable luxury handbag brand designed particularly to meet the needs of busy working women that look for quality, design and practicality at reasonable prices. Esin Akan bags are made with the highest quality materials, leather and accessories and meet our clients’ needs with functionality features. Esin Akan sources everything from reputable producers in Europe who work for top luxury brands. Esin Akan and Dilek Akca, co-founders have a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. They expanded the team with very talented designers who graduated from top fashion design schools in the world such as Istituto Marangoni in Italy and LCF in London. Esin Akan London’s vision is to support young designers and women entrepreneurs to start their own companies, spread the wealth and goodwill across countries and people.
Founders: Esin Akan

LocalPay is a payment gateway that allows ecommerce merchants to accept cash payments for their online sales. LocalPay plans to launch its payment gateway in markets starting with India that have experienced a rapid ecommerce growth but are still cash intensive economies.
Founder: Ravi Singh
Neurologic Medical Solutions 

NeuroLogic Medical Solutions designs and commercialises medical devices used in neurosurgery. It focuses on surgical tools that meet the needs of surgeons during operation. NeuroLogic Medical Solutions focuses on bringing new and innovative medical technologies from idea to implementation. Our devices treat conditions in the field of neurosurgery, and aim to increase patients’ quality of life.
Founder: Justin Waghray


PlayEnable is an online aggregating hub for sports enthusiasts (i.e. customers) to find and book classes and memberships at sports facilities and gyms. PlayEnable aggregates relevant sports facilities across multiple sports and geographies making it easy for sports/fitness enthusiasts to choose and book directly via the online platform. PlayEnable currently has a fully functional web based booking platform and has approximately 65 fitness studios in its network in the Bay Area, US and London catering to a range of fitness activities from Yoga to Kickboxing.
Founder: Abhishek Garodia

Shivspix was born out of the realization (and admiration) that there are many great untold stories in sport. Everyday amazing athletes push themselves to the limits, achieving amazing feats in the process. And yet, for the most part we never hear their stories because most are not professional athletes with lucrative endorsements and their faces on magazine covers. Shivspix tells these untold stories through ebooks delivered on line to sports fans across the world.
Founder: Shivani Parmar
Skin Analytics 
Skin Analytics is developing a cloud-based service to help people monitor themselves for small changes in their moles. Changes in moles are the most significant indicator of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Users take photos over time of their skin using their existing smartphone or digital camera. Images are automatically analysed using advanced mathematics techniques to classify unique characteristics, which relate to key features such as asymmetry, border, colour and size. Skin Analytics will automatically warn the user of any changes detected and produce a report that can be shared with an appropriate medical professional.
Founders: Julian Hall and Neil Daly

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