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To say the wearables market is bustling would be an understatement. There are more players in the game than ever, and with each new smartwatch or fitness tracker comes a wave of accessories including cases, screen protectors, chargers, and replacement bands. And yet, as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 made its way to shelves, the last thing on my mind was the device’s strap or any other supplementary purchases. Weeks later, Samsung’s latest first-party Galaxy Watch 6 straps are among my favorite upgrades to the lineup, especially true for the Extreme Sport T-buckle band.
To be clear, I would never describe myself as extreme in any context (except maybe “extremely fond of chocolate chip cookies”). However, you can absolutely be a moderate or even beginner athlete and still reap the benefits of Samsung’s new Extreme Sport T-buckle band. It’s compatible with both the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic, and I’ve happily worn it clicked into both models. Since the designs of the Galaxy Watch 6 vs 5 are nearly identical, it is also compatible with older generations.
To begin with, the strap is simply comfortable. It’s soft, flexible, and easily adjustable so users can find the right fit. It even comes in two sizes, so smaller wrists aren’t left with tons of extra length to tuck. I’m personally indifferent about the look of a T-buckle, but if an extra prong adds some extra security, the more the merrier.
Meanwhile, the design’s perforated length keeps airflow possible, minimizing the build-up of sweat beneath your strap. I’m not saying I don’t still get sweaty roughly three minutes into a treadmill run, but the holes help manufactured breezes make contact. (Thank God for AC.)
Most importantly, this specialist Galaxy Watch 6 band is easy to clean and dries in a hurry. I recently read a study that found wearable bands can be breeding grounds for grossness like Staph and E. coli, a fact that will haunt me for years to come. Samsung’s Extreme Sport band alleviates my concerns by making thorough scrubs easy. While I’m also a fan of nylon options, they take much longer than silicone to dry after a rinse.
Beyond the gym, I’m grateful for the unexpected subtlety of Samsung’s sportiest option. The band is available in three colorways, Graphite/Etoupe, Pink/White, and Green/Black. Not to be confused with taupe, Etoupe is a light greyish-brown color I’d never heard of before. I tested the Graphite/Etoupe option and really liked the softness of the combination.
Outside of reps and runs, I don’t necessarily want my daily accessories to scream “gym rat.” The look of the Samsung Extreme Sport Galaxy Watch 6 band balances workouts with everyday wear. In fact, it’s one of only a few bands I’ve had friends specifically compliment throughout all my time reviewing wearables. Between the elevated color scheme and the sharp design, it’s easily my favorite silicone option I’ve worn.
With that said, Samsung isn’t counting on everyone to be over the moon about just one smartwatch band. Instead, the company adopted a new quick-release button to make swapping up your look much simpler. In the past, activating the pin release of old Samsung bands was tricky, especially for those of us with trimmed fingernails. This year, Samsung replaced the old minuscule lever pictured above with a user-friendly button on all its first-party bands.
It may seem like a minor upgrade, but the difference between a painful process and a seamless one is huge. I am much more likely to switch back into my leather Galaxy Watch 6 Classic band for dressy occasions (rather than leaving the device behind as I would have in the past). Likewise, I’m more tempted by a part-time nylon fit for sleep tracking or to add a pop of color once in a while. The new button provides a small but significant solution to the mental game of effort vs desire.
It’s doubtful I will ever earn the moniker “Extreme Sport,” but I won’t let that stop me from wearing this Galaxy Watch 6 band. It’s clutch for the gym, comfortable for sleeping, and super washable for those squeamish about germs. Since I’ve yet to see any third-party brands offer a one-click release button, the new design also keeps Samsung ahead of the competition.
The reality is that the company’s bands are much more expensive than picks users can grab from Amazon. You can find multi-packs of silicone sports bands for less. However, Samsung’s band quality is fantastic, its look is clean, and its button is a game-changer.
If you’re convinced by the button argument but prefer a different material, Samsung’s breathable Fabric Band ($49.99 at Samsung) is also very comfortable and lightweight. For a more elevated look, the brand’s T-buckle Eco-Leather Band ($59.99 at Samsung) is just $10 extra.
Of course, you can also always save cash by shopping outside the Samsung ecosystem. A Lerobo Silicone Sport 5-Pack ($15.99 at Amazon) costs a fraction of the Extreme Sport band’s price. It also offers variety in a single purchase.


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