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AS we approach Halloween, we enter the season of spooky tales and ghost stories.
The spook-filled holiday piques an interest in the paranormal and attracts people to some of Scotland’s most haunted locations.
Wanting to experience Scotland’s scariest locations this Halloween, our reporter attended a ghost hunt at a haunted swimming pool.
Paranormal company Haunted Rooms have just started running events in Scotland and invited us along to their Ghost Hunt at the Renfrew Victory Baths, which is said to be one of the town’s most haunted buildings.
The Edwardian building is said to contain the ghost of a young boy who died in the pool, and some have reported seeing a spectral woman in white.
Haunted Rooms were given full access to the historic pool, even to areas off-limits to the public, including the underground maintenance tunnels.
Before heading out to the pool, the group were warned this was not a “fright night”, we would be taking part in a genuine ghost hunt and wouldn’t be “aggressively summoning spirits” like on TV and that this was a genuine exploration.
The lights were then turned off and the pool was plunged into total darkness – with the historic fixtures adding to the spooky eeriness of the haunted building.
We were handed ghost-detecting tools to aid us in the hunt and more were scattered around the pool area.
The best bit about this ghost hunt was that everyone got involved.
The equipment – everything from normal objects to specialist kit – was explained to us and we were allowed to go find a spirit.
The mediums with the group told us about the spirit of a young boy who died when he dived into the pool wearing a German WW1 helmet, breaking his neck, and said they could sense his presence.
Armed with MEL metres, EMF readers and laser thermometers to find any roaming spirits – it took some time but eventually things began to light up.
Cat toys which are triggered by motion lit up at the other end of the pool and the EMF readers began to move from green to red.
Guests were even allowed to 'yes/no tables', dowsing rods and crystal pendulums and shown how to communicate with any ghosts – things you only ever seen on TV.
We were even shown how to set up laser grids, thermal cameras, trigger objects and spirit boxes and told how they are used to find ghosts.
And some who were brave enough got the chance to use a Ouija board.
But the scariest moment of the night came when we were taken into the maintenance tunnels underneath the pool.
A motion doll called Carrie – named after the classic horror movie character – made a petrifying sound every time something moved past her, only adding to the haunted atmosphere.
And in the spooky underground, nothing was more terrifying than hearing the piercing shriek of an Aztec death whistle – which was believed to summon spirits.
We were then given the chance to try mirror divination, where you invite a spirit to communicate through you using a mirror and a light, under the watchful eye of experienced paranormal investigators.
Staff then gave us the chance to carry out a lone vigil – where you are left downstairs in the underground tunnels ALONE for ten minutes, in the hopes of encountering a ghost.
As your guide leaves and the torch is turned off, it is just you and the darkness.
While on fright nights and ghost walks you expect something to jump out at you, being completely alone in the pitch-black is even scarier, and those ten minutes almost feel like an eternity.
The genuine total unknown of a Haunted Rooms ghost hunt is what makes it great, they don't promise guaranteed frights but instead give you a chance to be a real-life ghost hunter.
You get the chance to use the equipment seen on TV and in movies and take part in a genuine investigation.
The whole time their staff have no problem sharing their war stories from years of ghost hunting across the country, with some guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.
Whether you are a true believer in the paranormal who wants to communicate with ghosts or a spirit world sceptic who just wants to see how it's done, it was an entertaining and unique experience for all involved.
The only question is, are you brave enough?
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