How 'Physical 100' Contestant Agent H Is Connected to 'Single's Inferno' Season 2's Jin-young – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Netflix‘s Physical 100 has people talking as it is a Korean unscripted series where 100 of the most athletic contestants battle to see who is the best. One of the contestants that has fans swooning on the series is Agent H. He is only one of a handful of contestants with an intense military background. But Physical 100’s Agent H has a connection to a contestant from another Netflix series, Jin-young from Single’s Inferno Season 2.
What better way to test if years of dedication in the gym, sports, and more have developed the perfect physique than a survival series? Physical 100 brings together 100 contestants to see if their chiseled and muscular bodies can fight the best of the best to see who reigns supreme. The contestants are an array of athletes from Olympic fencers, gymnasts, wrestlers, bodybuilders, fitness athletes, and Korean MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon. Single’s Inferno fans will also recognize contestant Cha Hyun-seung.
But Physical 100 takes it further by including highly trained Korean soldiers. Agent H is a UDT reservist who served as a sniper. The series also includes Hong Beom-seok. He served 11 years as a special forces soldier before becoming a firefighter. “I was the first Korean at the World Firefighter Games,” said Hong.
KKang Mi joins Agent H and Hong. She “served eight years in the 707th Special Missions Group under the Special Warfare Command, and I am currently a sergeant first class reservist.” Ex-UDT instructor Kim Kyeong-baek, who trained with the UDT for 15 years.
Korean soldiers are no joke, but fans will be surprised to learn how Physical 100’s Agent H has ties to Single’s Inferno Season 2’s Jin-young.
Netflix’s Korean dating series, Single’s Inferno Season 2 added a curveball with the introduction of contestant Jin-young. He arrived to take place in the male contestants’ first physical challenge. Within seconds, Jin-young won. On his first Paradise date, it made sense why he won. The Single’s Inferno Season 2 cast member was a UDT soldier for four years before being discharged.
He is now a Youtuber who creates military-based content from tactical training, workouts, vlogs, and skits with his teammates. But what is his connection to Agent H? Besides being UDT soldiers, Physical 100’s Agent H and Single’s Inferno Season 2’s Jin-young often work together.
Agent H has his own YouTube channel, Mission Impossible, where he also creates content based on his military training, reviews military series and movies, and meets with other UDT soldiers. One of his closest friends is Jin-young. On his channel, fans find plenty of videos of the two together on trips, doing firearm training, and participating in field missions.
Both are also part of, a company that helps promote a better lifestyle through physical training and developing video content.
During the contestants’ initial intro, fans may notice a stocky bald man with a beard in the background. For fans who follow Jin-young or Agent H, the contestant looks familiar. It is because he, too, has a connection to both of them. His name is JJang Jae, and he goes by SaltyUDT on Instagram and is also a former UDT soldier.
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He also appears on Agent H and Jin-young’s Youtube channels and content created by His Instagram reveals he is also a powerlifter and fitness enthusiast. Fans may notice he has met up with a few other contestants from Physical 100. The site also reveals Hong Beom-seok works alongside Agent H and Jin-young.