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Formed in 2012, Travis Japan's journey has been nothing short of inspiring. From their beginnings as Johnnys' Jr. trainees to their recent international endeavors, including studying in Los Angeles and wowing audiences on America's Got Talent, Travis Japan has continuously captivated audiences with their mesmerizing performances and dynamic stage presence.
As they continue on their worldwide major debut, we are thrilled and honored to have had the incredible opportunity to sit down with these talented artists for an exclusive interview to discuss the magic behind their music. Get ready to be enchanted by the charisma and talent of Travis Japan as they share their story with us!
── Hello, Travis Japan! Can you please introduce yourselves to Genius Japan readers?

Hi, I'm Umi. Umi means “ocean” in Japanese.
Hi, I'm Noel. It means Christmas in French. I'm the oldest member of the group and I love acrobatics!
Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Shime, and I do a lot of the choreography for our group.
Hi, I'm Chaka. I'm the leader of Travis Japan.
I'm Genta or “G,” nice to meet you!
I'm Machu, like “Machu Picchu.“
Hi, I'm Shizu. I love basketball!

── You have had many enthusiastic fans since your Jr. trainee period. While everyone was waiting for your debut, you decided to study abroad and then made your world debut. This is unprecedented as a Johnny's boy band, so how do you feel about the whole experience of the world debut?

Shizu: The experience of making our global debut was truly a dream come true! All seven of us worked very hard to make it happen, but even so, now that it has, we will continue to work hard, never letting ourselves get complacent, and through such gain new experiences and hopefully make many people smile along the way.

── The group's latest single, "Candy Kiss," features a retro 80s music vibe with refreshing dance moves. Which part do you think was the most enjoyable for you?

Chaka: "Candy Kiss" was choreographed by Nicky Andersen, who also choreographed our debut single "JUST DANCE!" He took an unusual approach to this song and included some cool and catchy technical moves. It was interesting to be given choreography first, before we even had the final version of the song, and it necessitated we work together on how to express ourselves during our sessions with him. It was really eye-opening, and I want to increase that kind of time spent among us for future singles. In the end, I think that way was the right fit for "Candy Kiss."
── Is there a specific lyric from "Candy Kiss" that stands out to you, and what message would you like listeners to pay attention to?

Umi: The lyrics "My candy kiss" really left an impression on me. It's a part of the chorus and a line we end up repeating three times in the song. So, even when you're just listening to the song, it's one of those catchy moments that leaves a nice impression. The choreography is catchy and easy to remember, so if there is someone you like, I would like you to do a “Candy Kiss” for that person!

── When you held a fan event for the release of "Candy Kiss" and performed it live, there were feelings that the bond was further strengthened amongst fans and the group. How do you feel about it and what's your favorite thing about your fans?

Machu: I was happy that we got to have a release event in front of our fans for the first time since our debut concert. Simply put, it was really a lot of fun! What I like about our fans is how warm they are. When new fans come check out our YouTube videos and leave comments, there are many of them that say things like “Let's hype up together!” I love that. I can feel how warm and loving they are to each other as well as toward us.

── "Candy Kiss" and the Moving Pieces – EP have been well-received by your fans. How would you describe the evolution of your sound and style between these two projects, and what did you enjoy most about working on these releases?
G: Even before we debuted, we've always cherished the signature style of Travis Japan. The sound of these new tracks and the style of the choreography is so catchy and poppy, it's one of those songs that get stuck in your head. I hope that we are adequately expressing the joy and love that people get through music.
── On Genius Japan, we like to fill in fun questions to strengthen the bond between fans and artists. If Travis Japan was a superhero squad, what would be each member's superpower, and what would your team name be?

Shime: Noel would have the strongest boss-like superpower in the group, killing any enemy with acrobatics. Umi would be good at “mind control,” which allows him to control the brains of others. Shizu would make his opponent laugh. Even if the opponents attack him, he makes them laugh and is able to dodge the attack. Machu loves cameras, so if he were to take a picture of you with his camera, you would be defeated.

Chaka: Wait, do you mean his camera is the one with superpowers?

Shime: No, these are Machu's capabilities. If G looked into your eyes, the opponent would instantly fall in love with him, and if he were to wink at you, it's over. That wink would destroy any resistance. Chaka would be a wizard, and could use anything he can think of to defeat his opponents. I'm a very fast escaper, like an escape specialist because I can run fast. Our team name would be TRAJERS.

(Editor's note: This is a pun on their nickname “Traja” and “Rangers” like “Power Rangers”)

── Genius has been the world's leading lyric website featuring lots of Western artists from Drake to Olivia Rodrigo and many more. Who are some of the Western artists that you look up to and would love to collaborate with?

Noel: Travis Japan respects all artists, and if we do ever get the chance to collaborate, we would like to do so with various artists all over the world. Personally, I like Swedish artists like ABBA, and I really enjoy country music as well. Thus, I hope to be able to release songs like that someday. I'd love to meet Drake someday as well. I hope to see them at the Billboard or Grammy Awards someday!

── As you look back at your journey so far, what have been some of the most memorable moments or challenges you've faced as a group, and how have those experiences shaped you as individuals and as a collective?

Shime: It was AGT, which we performed on before our debut. We didn't make it past the semi-finals, but I remember what the judges told us, “You dance well, but should work on singing.” Based on that experience, we could clearly see how we needed to improve for the future, and we've been working really hard on that ever since.

── What is next for Travis Japan? What are your goals in 2023 and what do you hope to achieve in the near future?

Chaka: As we are the first Johnny's group to have a worldwide debut, we want to create music that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We also want to be able to perform live in places all over the world!
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── Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedules to chat with us, Travis Japan!
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