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A former police sergeant who swapped patrols for workouts is now a top fitness streamer.
Leanne Carr from Stamford has been made a partner for the streaming platform Kick.
The 37-year-old started hosting online fitness sessions during the first covid lockdown while on maternity leave.
She wanted to regain her own fitness after pregnancy and encourage others to stay active.
Leanne now has two children Jaxon, three, and Madison, 16 months, who feature in her work out videos.
“They are present in my streams as I’m trying to show no matter what is going on, whether you are responsible for relatives or young people or have a busy lifestyle, you will always have time for fitness,” she said.
Leanne, a qualified personal trainer, leads three live fitness classes a week and two further ‘chat’ sessions, which can be watched back after.
People can watch her and make comments but she can’t see them.
She says the style appeals to many people who may be too nervous to go to the gym or don’t have the time to leave the house for a workout.
After finding fame on social media and building a community, she has turned her hobby into a full-time job.
This follows her resignation from Lincolnshire Police force in November 2020 due to claims of ‘bullying, harassment and victimisation’.
Leanne is open with viewers about her police background and the issues she says she faced in the force.
“It has helped me to grow.
“A lot of people have reached out on a personal level saying they have experienced bullying and harassment,” she said.
Leanne made national and international headlines in April 2018 when glamorous shots emerged of her posing on beaches in Thailand, Cyprus, Austria and South Africa the year before, when she was said to be on long-term sick leave.
She believes the abuse she was subjected to has made her stronger, despite leaving her with trauma and suicidal thoughts for years after, and was one of the reasons she turned to fitness.
“I’ve been able to turn around a really horrendous situation and use it to help,” she said.
“Fitness releases happy hormones.
“It is something to do each day which gets me up as I know I need to stream and grow my community so I can inspire other people.”
She added: “I’m one of those people who wants to help people.”
The single mum also uses her experiences to deal with the ‘lewd and nasty’ comments received on her fitness videos by trolls.
Leanne – who has 130,000 followers on Instagram – is the number one fitness streamer on Kick and has become a partner of the website, which is heavily populated by Americans and Australians.
Leanne hopes to continue to grow her streaming site and online community, and encourages people to take part in her classes by visiting:
It is free to watch with options to subscribe.