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Sixteen members of Fitness Soul, a health and fitness club in Leith, took part in the event which attracted thousands of participants from around the world. 
For some, it was their first-ever fitness competition, marking a significant milestone in their fitness journey.
Leszek Stelmachowski, co-founder of Fitness Soul, said: “It was awesome for our members to be able to themselves to the limit of their fitness and endurance. Hyrox is regarded as the ultimate fitness test and so for each of them it was like their own world championship.”
The Hyrox series is a unique fitness racing event that combines running and functional workout stations. 
Participants run one kilometre, before completing a functional workout station, and the cycle is repeated eight times during the race. 
The races are hosted indoors in large exhibition halls, creating an immersive and electrifying experience for participants and spectators who can support them from start to finish.
One of event’s distinctive features is its consistent race format, which remains the same around the world, allowing for global leaderboards and a cumulative World Championships at the end of each race season. 
Designed to accommodate both professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts, the World Championships are the pinnacle of each season, where the best athletes from different countries come together to compete for the highly sought-after title of the Age Group World Champion. 
Athletes can qualify for the World Championships by achieving top placings in their respective age group and division at any of the Hyrox global races during the season.
This year the World Championships were held in Manchester and next year they will take place in Nice.
Leszek said: “For us, it’s not about winning but about encouraging each of our members to be the best version of themselves.
“Reaching world championship level is not something we are aiming for. If someone wins their category, that’s great but it’s not the main point of what we do.”
Fitness Soul was founded by Leszek and his partner, Joanna Weintritt, both of whom have a background in physical education and a passion for fitness. 
Their journey began when they decided to visit Edinburgh for a short period after completing their studies. They intended to stay for just a few weeks, but 16 years later, they are still in Edinburgh, having built a successful fitness community of 50 members.
Fitness Soul offers a unique blend of fitness classes that cater to a smaller community of individuals. They emphasise a personal touch, ensuring that classes never exceed 15 participants. 
Leszek focuses on strength training, while Joanna primarily leads dance-based classes. This diverse approach allows them to cater to a wide range of fitness goals and preferences.
Additionally, they offer drop-in classes for those who prefer a more flexible fitness schedule, a particularly popular option following lockdowns.
Leszek said: “Our philosophy is that you are never too old to start getting fit and fitness is for everyone. Our gym welcomes people of all fitness levels and works to make exercise accessible to everyone, whether their goal is to run a 5K, lift heavy weights, or complete an Ironman triathlon.”
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