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Siobhan lifting dumbbells Owner of the TikTok channel, Menopause Weight Loss With Me, Siobhan revealed all you need is a set of dumbbells and five minutes of movement.
“Hate your flabby arms! Bingo wings, well let’s get them sorted!” Siobhan posted. “Let’s have some fun exercising.”
In the video, you can see Siobhan repeating an easy exercise move that you need to do for one minute.
Followed by a rest of 15 seconds, the aim is to do another four one-minute rounds.
But, if you find that too rough, there is nothing wrong with building up to it.
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One fan, Juana Valdivia70, wrote: “You inspire me. I’m 56. No [motivation] at times.”
Siobhan replied: “Aww, thank you [heart emoji]. You can do this. Turn the music up and start small. It will make you feel better once you get going.”
Evidence from the SWAN study and The Healthy Women’s study suggests that women gain, on average, around 1.5kg per year during the perimenopause transition.
By the time menopause is reached, which is when periods have stopped for 12 consecutive months, an average woman has put on 10kg (around 1.6 stone).
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The NHS Foundation Trust explained: “Fluctuating and falling hormone levels around menopause can affect the way we store fat.”
During the menopause, the body prefers to store calories rather than burn them.
For example, if you eat 1,000 calories before menopause you will burn 700 and maybe store 300; after menopause, you will store 700 and burn only 300.
To help curb weight gain around this time of life, the NHS recommends:
“Cortisol, the stress hormone, encourages abdominal fat deposition,” the NHS says.
As for exercise, it would seem that exercising in the cold can help increase fat-burning.
This is why autumn is the ideal weather to kick-start your fitness regime.
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