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As sweat trickled down my forehead, I closed my eyes and focused on pulling all the way down and through. My arms wobbled and shook– I’ve only ever moved like this in a pool. I looked like a baby turtle trying to make it to the ocean. How was I only on my first exercise?
45 seconds on, 15 second rest, shift stations and repeat.
“Keep going to the beat,” I heard from our coaches, who pushed us to the bitter last second. “Don’t quit on yourself!”
A functional 45 minute workout (F45) gives anyone and everyone an opportunity to train under a set schedule for the week. If you go to every workout in the week, the week entails cardio on Monday and Wednesday, resistance training on Tuesday and Thursday, and a mixture of both on Friday and Saturday. The high intensity workouts are designed for levels spanning from beginners to seasoned athletes– anyone looking for a way to burn fat and gain lean muscles in an encouraging, fun and fast-paced environment.
F45 coaches ensure the workouts are accessible for all participants, with each exercise containing different levels of intensity. Modifications can be made, and participants can hit the brakes or slam on the gas depending on how they feel.
The circuit workout entered UTC’s Aquatic and Recreational Center two months ago. It filled an open space the ARC made and gave students the opportunity to experience professionally designed workouts.
“The workouts are a perfect time to get my heart rate up on a professional timeline,” said student Selena Lopezmartine.
The workouts are not only designed to help prevent injury and improve athletic performance, but they also help people better perform everyday tasks. The description functional workout alludes to an ability to transfer the movements in workouts to everyday life. Deadlifts imitate picking up and setting things down, farmer carries practice the correct way to move heavy items and reverse lunges give you time to practice getting down on one knee. Maybe that third one doesn’t require a workout to understand how to properly move, but–regardless– the workouts are practical preparation for everyday life.
After 45-minutes, 18 stations, two water breaks and one thought about quitting, I completed the workout. High-fives clapped all around as coaches and participants smiled, satisfied with the accomplishment of completing a challenge.
If you’re in need of a different, upbeat, community-based workout, F45 should be on your list of workouts to try.
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