City responds to concerns raised about Klopperpark swimming pool – The Citizen

The City of Ekurhuleni disputes the allegations that Klopperpark community pool is unsafe.
Ward 92 Clr Kade Guerreiro said the pool has been deteriorating and it’s not safe to use.
In his list of concerns he included that there are no lifeguards stationed at the pool and the pump station is not functional.
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In response to these allegations, CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini said the pool pump is working.
“Klopperpark swimming pool is served by seasonal lifeguards. The city is in the process of appointing the seasonal lifeguards for a three-year contract period. Ekurhuleni swimming pools may only open gates to the public if a qualified lifeguard is on duty,” said Dlamini.
“If no lifeguard is on duty, the gates remain closed to the public. Lifeguards are trained by Lifesaving SA in various rescue methods and are also trained in first aid up to level three.
“These lifeguards are also trained to call the emergency services immediately in case of a serious incident.
“The water is cleaned through a dual media filtration system with a turnover rate of six times per 24 hours.
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The water is disinfected and oxidized with a chlorine gas dosing system inserting 400g of chlorine gas per hour to maintain a free chlorine reading of 1.0 ppm.
“The pool is cleaned with a suction brush and 63mm flex pipe connected to the reticulation system of the swimming pool,” he said.
“The water is safe for swimming as the water quality is tested twice every day.
“The grass-cutting services are now centralised to the metro’s park division under environmental resource and waste management.
“The department is still in the process of acquiring the grass-cutting tender, which will accommodate all council facilities including swimming pools.
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“In the absence of a grass-cutting, the department will rely on personnel of the department to assist, but this would be on an ad hoc basis and as and when the team has extra capacity.
“Children under the age of nine must always be accompanied by an adult before admission is allowed at the pool.
“At least two qualified lifeguards must be on duty to safeguard the swimmers and learn-to-swim programmes are in place for non-swimmers,” said Dlamini.

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