Bosnian fitness tech start-up Rolla bags €6.3M Seed round … –

Rolla, the fitness tech start-up from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and founded by serial entrepreneur Igor Krezic, has raised a €6.3 million Seed funding round – thought to be one of the largest Seed rounds in fitness tech in those parts. 
Its backers are pretty large themselves, in investment circles – Mate Rimac, Croatian entrepreneur and CEO of Rimac Group, and Hellen’s Rock, the family office of Sacha Dragic (founder of Superbet Group) are behind the Seed round. If Mate Rimac sounds familiar to you, think Greyp Bikes which was acquired by Porsche or if you prefer your luxuries to come with four wheels then he also owns Bugatti Rimac Group.
Rolla is a gamified fitness platform, currently in Beta, for runners or riders of the two-wheeled with pedals variety, and you can even exercise in the virtual world with your mates, similar to indoor cycle training apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad. 
“The beauty of our system is in its balance and interplay – the Levels and Effort interact to create a continuous feedback loop, sustaining your engagement and rewarding you for both your everyday steps and long-term achievements. We’re introducing a gamified experience that transcends the norm of data-driven health apps and provides a clear, navigable path towards health and fitness improvement,” says Krezic. 
There are plans to launch features such as diet and weight management and health monitoring soon. The fully functioning fitness platform is expected to launch in Q1 of 2024.
“The two factors that led me to be part of Rolla were Igor Krezić and the importance of health in modern society. I have witnessed which entrepreneurial miracles Igor has created in the past, which are even more impressive considering where and under which circumstances they were built. At the same time, I strongly believe that a data-driven, healthy lifestyle will become ever more important for people around the world. I also see a lack of a proper comprehensive solution for assisting people to live such a healthy lifestyle. I am sure that Igor and his team are on the path of delivering just that,” says Rimac.
“I see Rolla’s product as a powerful tool that can make fitness more accessible to everyone. It has the potential to reshape the fitness industry by creating a more personalised and inclusive approach to health and wellbeing,” adds Dragic.
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