Boris Johnson given green light to build swimming pool at his Grade-II listed moated manor house in Oxfordshire – Tatler

Boris Johnson’s new 400-year-old Oxfordshire home where he has just gained planning permission to build a swimming pool
Boris Johnson might be able to finally keep up with his exercise routine. After a lengthy – no pun intended – period of time, the former Prime Minister has finally gained permission to build his long-awaited swimming pool at his new spectacular, moated Grade-II listed Oxfordshire pile.
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The swimming pool had been a source of controversy due to its potential environmental risks. Earlier this summer, an objection to the development was first reported by The Telegraph. South and Vale Countryside Officer Edward Church commented on the potential risk to Great Crested Newts (GCN). In his report, Church stated that ‘based on the information available to me currently, I am of the opinion that there is a reasonable likelihood that GCN are present and could be impacted by the proposed development.’ Great Crested Newts are a protected species. This means they are protected by British law and cannot be killed, injured or have their habitat disturbed.
Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson moved into the house earlier this year

Since then, the council has agreed to planning permission providing certain steps are made which will reduce the risk to the curious amphibian. Though the former prime minister has certainly felt frustrated by the holdup, he stated in his Daily Mail column that he will protect the newts.
Johnson bought his 400-year-old Oxfordshire house with wife Carrie Johnson, earlier this year. The £3.8 million nine-bedroom house was acquired by the couple earlier this year. The property contains a three-sided moat, possibly for the ex-PM to protect himself from the watchful eyes of the press and his detractors. The couple, who have been married since 2021 and share three children together. While the former Conservative leader has not made a return to politics, he is doing rather well on the speaking circuit, reportedly earning £2.5 million for speaking gigs since leaving office last year.
Boris and Carrie Johnson were given an insight into how the royal household is run during a visit to Balmoral

Johnson has been filmed going out on jogs in Oxfordshire, as he dodges questions from the press, which he answered with a resolute: ‘never interview here, only interview in London.’ The ex-PM can jog, soon he’ll be able to swim and he’s often been photographed about town on his bike – what could be next, a triathlon?

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