Beach brainteaser requires 'best eyesight' to spot sun worshiper with ice cream in 12 seconds – Daily Record

If you’re up for a challenge, give this summer-themed puzzle a try.
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A new summer themed brainteaser will make you pine for a day at the beach.
Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind active, but they can also be entertaining. If you're looking to give your brain a workout, this one challenges you to spot the beach goer with the ice cream.
It may sound easy enough, but the illustration published by Gala Bingo is full of sun worshipers enjoying a day out. Not only that, the golden sand is also full of umbrellas, loungers and buckets, making the image extra cluttered.
To make things even more challenging, puzzlers are tasked with spotting the odd-man-out in 12 seconds or less. If you can solve it in this average time, you may have better than average eye sight, the Express reports.
Out of all the beach goers in colourful swimming costumes, only one has the sweet treat in hand. If you're up to the challenge, sit back, clear your head and good luck.
Don't worry if you can't solve it in the rapid time frame, your brain will still benefit if you complete it in any time.
Found it yet? Scroll below for the answer.
The ice cream cone is being held by the person wearing lilac swim shorts in the top right hand corner.
Did you manage to find it in less than 12 seconds?
Challenging your mind with brainteasers and other types of puzzles keeps the connections between your brain cells sharp. They have been proven to help stretch a person's brain to think outside the box and the more you practice, the better you will be.
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If you're looking for a more visual challenge, you can try another puzzle that requires users to find the hidden welly boot in the garden in half a minute.
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