Anti-Valentine's Day Singles Parties Gaining Popularity for Galentines and Bachelor Bros – ABC News

Sulking while single on Valentine’s Day is so passé.
— — Sulking while single on Valentine’s Day is so passé. Instead, the unattached are banding together on the “most romantic day of the year” for parties that flip the day on its head to celebrate being single.
These anti-Valentine’s Day parties come in many forms, from drink specials at bars and restaurants to celebratory dance classes at fitness clubs.
305 Fitness in New York City is hosting its second annual F— Love party with a bevy of options for people to “forget the stress and pressures of everyday life and society and just celebrate who you are and be in the moment,” 305 Fitness PR and brand strategy director Jocelyn Levy told ABC News.
The dance cardio workout center is hosting a dance class with a DJ followed by a beauty bar with hair, nail and lash treatments. At night the studio will transform into a party with Chippendale-style servers, drinks, casino tables, giveaways and more. Cohosted by the popular single-girls brand Betches, the party is already filling up with groups of so-called “galentines.”
Restaurants are also getting in on the action, hosting singles parties with drink and food specials. Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City is offering $4 pints of beer available only for those not in a relationship at its “Stupid Cupid” party, Pergola in NYC is hosting a “Stairway to Heaven” bash with bottle service in its roped-off area dedicated to singles, and The Meatball Shop in NYC is throwing its second annual “Single Jingle.” Last year’s party featured gourmet jello shots punctuated with candy hearts, while this year’s party plans to be even bigger with a liquor sponsorship and the appearance of a drag queen.
“After last year’s party, I actually had people calling saying, ‘Are you going to have it this year? We want to come,” Meatball Shop owner Daniel Holzman told ABC News. “We throw a singles party because it’s depressing if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Plus, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a good time.”
According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, relationship expert of, the recent impulse for singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day is the direct result of the higher number of single than married adults in America for the first time ever, according to the 2010 census.
“There’s now a majority population of adults left out of the action. What used to happen is that if singles didn’t have a date, they’d just stay inside, eat ice cream and lick their wounds,” she told ABC News. “But now they’re becoming empowered enough to say, ‘Hey, it’s okay to not be in a relationship. This is a choice I made.’ They’re finding a way to have single pride.”
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