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It’s time to catch the wave of sustainable men’s swimwear brands and choose trunks that reflect your values. 
Because if we want to protect the ocean instead of pollute it, it’s time we all get on board with sustainable board shorts, speedos, or whatever your swimwear of choice is.
Born out of a love of the sea, Fair Harbor makes men’s high-performance swimwear out of 12 plastic water bottles a pop. They’re a go-to for ocean activities and feature styles you’ll love. 
The most inclusive sizing award goes to MeUndies, whose sustainable swim trunks go from sizes S to 4XL. With UPF 50+ and eight recycled plastic bottles in each pair, they provide protection for your skin and for the planet. 
The unavoidable truth about swimwear is that it’s made from petroleum-based synthetic materials like nylon, spandex, and polyester. These materials are non-biodegradable. 
While we’d love to see more men’s natural fiber swimwear, certain performance aspects keep us tied to synthetics (for now).
That’s why the most eco-friendly men’s swimwear brands help regenerate non-biodegradable materials and remove plastic pollution in our oceans simultaneously. 
So, what brands make men’s sustainable swimwear? 
Keep reading to discover our favorites, and jump to the bottom to discover how we chose them. 
Price Range | $48–$52 | Shop MeUndies
Materials | Recycled polyester, recycled spandex, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, elastane
What We Love | MeUndies wants to make affordable, sustainable swimwear for men that’s accessible and empowering. We’re talking comfy with an inclusive range of sizes. 
This brand makes men’s sustainable swimwear affordable with their small but mighty range. 
Comfort is king here, and MeUndies keeps things practical for active swimmers and surfers. 
Their 8” Active Swim Trunk goes from size S to 4XL. Opt for an adventurous pair with octopus prints or keep it understated in navy and black. 
There are also briefs for those who prefer it that way. 
Supply Chain | MeUndies works with factories that put their employees first in Los Angeles, Turkey, Sri Lanka, China, and Guatemala. All factories are vetted to ensure they operate with fair working conditions and wages and 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | In addition to offering S to 4XL sizes, they’ve pledged to help customers live true to their authentic selves. 
Pay It Forward | Through MeUndies Gives, the brand supports organizations that lift systemic barriers, such as Los Angeles LGBT Center, The Body Positive and Fashion Scholarship Fund.
Price Range | $36–$88 | Shop Fair Harbor
Materials | Recycled polyester, spandex, and cotton
What We Love | On a mission to protect the beaches they love, Fair Harbor swim trunks are made out of recycled ocean plastic and upcycled marine waste. Then keep the loop closed by recycling your old swimwear into industrial materials, like rugs and insulation.
Fair Harbor swim trunks allow you to hit the beach, boat, pool, wherever, for whatever—whether it be sunbathing, swimming, yoga or surfing. 
With their wide choice of colors and prints, there’s something to (swim)suit all tastes, as well as activities.
The Anchor’s five-star reviews speak for themselves. Made from recycled plastic bottles and featuring a versatile athletic fit, this staple in their men’s eco-friendly swimwear collection covers all your bases, from sea to land.
Supply Chain | The brand is a Certified B Corp and works with WRAP-certified factories across the globe, a certification scheme ensuring safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | They have an inclusive S-3XL size range for their customers. 
Price Range | $78–$145 | Shop Outerknown
Materials | Recycled polyester and recycled nylon, both of which are bluesign®-approved
What We Love | Outerknown is a people-first brand that champions circular fashion and innovation. They plan to make 100% of their processes circular by 2030, but for now, they’re starting with the Outerworn resale platform.
Outerknown creates a winning combination of sophisticated, high-end, and practical in their eco-friendly men’s swimsuits. 
Check out the Apex Trunks by Kelly Slater collection for signature swimwear designed for world-champion surfers. The colors are subtle, taking inspiration from the earth with pops of bold patterns and hues. 
Or take a look at Nomadic Volley—a swimwear collection constructed with versatility in mind. Stylish and comfortable, they’re ideal for swimming, beach hangouts, and summer relaxation. 
Carbon Goals & Achievements | In partnership with Bergman Rivera, they’re already converted 28 acres of organic cotton farmland to using Regenerative Organic Certified practices.
Supply Chain | This Fair Labor Association (FLA) member and fair trade certified company is transparent about their supply chain. You can see their full supplier list on the Open Apparel Registry.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | The brand puts people first with their Fair Labor Program, having invested $133,000 in improving workers’ livelihoods. S-XXL sizes are available.
Pay It Forward | Founded on a love for the ocean, they have an ongoing giving relationship with Ocean Conservancy to help fight things like ocean plastic pollution.
Price Range | €65–€430 | Shop Picture Organic
Materials | Polyhemp made from recycled polyester, cotton, hemp, and spandex. Their non-petroleum wetsuits are made of oyster shell powder, limestone, and recycled tires.
What We Love | By including sustainably-made wetsuits in their lineup, Picture Organic’s men’s eco-friendly swimwear caters to even the most adventurous of swimmers and surfers.
Picture Organic has got you covered for all ocean-bound adventures. 
We’re talking trunks, wetsuits, and surf tees, each of which you can count on to deliver effortless style with maximum practicality, so you can take to the water with confidence. 
The Andy Heritage Solid 17 are sustainable board shorts that come in a classic cut with two colorways. The stretch polyhemp is a quick-drying fabric that allows freedom of movement. 
Carbon Goals & Achievements | Picture Organic has done a detailed analysis of the carbon footprint of their clothes. They’re working with suppliers to switch to renewable energy.
Supply Chain | They’re both a Certified B Corp and member of the Fair Wear Foundation.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Picture Organic publishes an annual Index of professional equality between women and men in the workplace. In their sustainable swimwear, men’s sizes run XS–2XL.
Pay It Forward | The brand works with environmental and humanitarian partners, including WWF, Protect Our Winters, Riders for Refugees, and many more.
Price Range | $139–$149 | Shop MARDA
Materials | 100% GRS-standard recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The trims, threads and labeling are also recycled or ethically sourced.
What We Love | MARDA is all about luxury sustainable men’s swimwear that removes about seven plastic bottles from waste streams per piece—but doesn’t sacrifice style, comfort, or durability to do so.
MARDA brings high-end luxury to men’s swimwear with their stylish collection of sustainable swim trunks made from recycled plastic bottles. 
All prints are earth-toned and understated for a sophisticated look in and out of the water. 
For something bold, browse their single-color mid-length swim shorts in pink, orange, and yellow. Whichever your style, you can be sure you’re getting the same level of premium craftsmanship and tailoring. 
Supply Chain | MARDA doesn’t state where their swimwear is made, only that it’s ethical, but we’ll be reaching out for details.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | The brand has an inclusive S–XXL size range.
Pay It Forward | For every pair of MARDA swim trunks sold, they donate to The Ocean Cleanup.
Price Range | $65–$619 | Shop Patagonia
Materials | Casual swimwear features bluesign®-approved and PFC-free recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and/or elastane. Their wetsuits are made of fair trade and FSC-certified Yulex® natural rubber.
What We Love | Patagonia has made planet Earth a majority shareholder in their company—literally, since all profits are now dedicated to sustainability efforts.
Patagonia has a pair of recycled swim trunks or wetsuits for activities in and out of the water, all with signature block stripe prints and single coloring. 
For something versatile, their Volley Shorts come in a range of prints, feature back and side pockets, and are PFC-free. We love their black pair with pops of color on the back pocket and waistband. 
Come for the huge selection of swim shorts, but stay for the Worn Wear recycling program—or maybe even snag a pre-loved pair there! 
Carbon Goals & Achievements | Going carbon-neutral is not enough for Patagonia. The brand has found that 97% of their emissions come from their supply chain, and they’re working on becoming carbon positive. They also helped pilot the new Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) program.
Supply Chain | The brand has implemented a Supply Chain Environmental Responsibility Program to monitor safe and ethical labor practices across their factories. Their Footprint Chronicles on each page is their way of telling customers exactly where each product was made and what certifications protect that factory. 88% are fair trade certified.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Patagonia’s sustainable men’s swimwear comes in XS–XXL sizes.
Pay It Forward | They are committed to giving away all profits to grassroots projects fighting the environmental crisis. They also co-founded 1% for the Planet.
There’s no one size fits all when it comes to sustainable fashion, and we know it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 
Still, we like to see sustainable men’s swimwear brands hit the ground running (or rather, waves paddling) with a conscious effort to be better. 
We have created a set of criteria to look at all areas of the brand’s business and get a holistic look at how they match up.
Global Recycled Standard (GRS), bluesign®, B Corporation (B Corp), Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), Fair Trade Certified, Fair Labor Association (FLA), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Fabrics & Materials: 
Organic swimwear for men made from biodegradable materials like ethically-sourced organic cotton and hemp are ideal. 
However, that’s just not the reality of quick-drying fabrics. Textile technology isn’t there yet. For that, we still need synthetics—but we can ensure they do minimal damage.
The next best thing available is swimwear made from recyclable fabrics
Sustainable swimwear tends to be made from recycled polyester or nylon, which use 33% – 53% less energy than their virgin counterparts, and reduce the pressure on rapidly depleting resources. 
Brands that take it a step further by creating swimwear out of recycled materials help remove plastic waste, too. 
Plastic-free packaging or that made from recycled materials is something we consider, too.
Carbon Goals & Achievements: 
The fashion industry as a whole produces 10% of annual global carbon emissions. It’s no longer enough for brands to sweep their footprint under the carpet. 
We want to see them take steps to offset their emissions and reduce the amount they produce.
Supply Chain: 
Responsible brands should be aware of the damaging effects of fast fashion both on the environment and the people that make their clothes. 
We want companies to be transparent about their supply chains and ensure their factories are ethical and workers are paid a fair wage for their labor. 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 
Sustainable fashion shouldn’t just be reserved for the few, but should instead offer inclusive sizing with the same attention to comfort and functionality. 
Pay It Forward: 
Donating to charities isn’t essential to being a sustainable swimwear brand, as we know it can be expensive to simply operate sustainably.
However, trunks that support charitable giving just wear so much better. We love it when brands donate profits to grassroots projects, charities, and sustainability initiatives, like those listed here.
For us, the most sustainable swimwear brands consider the product’s lifecycle—and you should, too.
Recycling schemes close the loop on swimwear by keeping it in circulation and reducing overall consumption. Take advantage of these whenever you can and don’t buy a new pair of recycled board shorts if you don’t need them.
Even if those shiny new ones are made of recycled plastic bottles, the most sustainable men’s bathing suits are those already in your beach bag.
But if the elastic is getting less than elastic, consider catching the recycled men’s swimwear wave.
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